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Persona Profile: Royan


Name: Royan
Age: 51
Birthday: m5 d11
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Son of Benaroy
Craft: Beastcrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Healer

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall like his father (around 6'), but willowy like his mother. He has his father's deep blue eyes and dark brown hair, but his mother's rounder features and smile.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Royan is dedicated to Amber Hills above all else. Not even one of his three wives has experienced anything remotely like the passion he holds for his home. He is less distant with his children, but even the youngest understands that the Hold comes first. He is truly sadened by the events that destroyed Amythest Cliff, an emotion that conflicts with his joy at the chance his beloved home has been given.

History of Persona:
Royan is the eldest son of Lord Benaroy and his second wife, Anley. He was born only three turns after the Plague that devastated Amber Hills Hold. When he was nine turns old, his sister Aroley was born, but she died only five months later of a birth defect in her heart. At the age of eleven, his mother died while giving birth to his sister Anzha. His father re-married to a woman named Nimile. She gave birth to his eight half-siblings. He was about twenty-seven when his youngest sister was born. Nimile died about two turns later, having never quite recovered from Royani's birth. His sister Benley died six turns ago of a kidney infection.

Royan is dedicated to Amber Hills above all else. As soon as the lad could assist in the fields Royan was out with his father, doing everything in his power to return his home to the glory his father described to him, like in bedtime stories. By the age of twelve Royan showed a talent for working with the beasts who helped restore his home. Not wishing to let his eldest lose interest in the Hold Benroy stalled as long as he could. Then Royan's stepmother convinced the lord that for the Hold to become what they both wanted it too, a beastcrafter within the blood would be an asset. He apprenticed to a local crafter, who arranged the boy's time so that he could continue training to take hold some day. When he reached Senior Journyman at age 22, Benroy insisted that his eldest look for a good woman to marry, after all children where needed. His first wife, Zanyn, gave him two daughters before her death. Royan waited two turns before remarrying. Five children with his second wife, Jaryl, gave him three sons and another two daughters. His second wife died of a high fever that the healers could do nothing for. Royan allowed his period of mourning for his second wife to be somewhat longer. With seven children, three of them sons he was not as concerned with a quick marriage. Some turns ago, at age 37, found Royan in as close to a love match as he has ever been. Two sons with his latest wife have fulfilled any ambitions of re-populating his father's Hold.

Family and Friends
Benaroy, 90, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Father (deceased))
Benani, 28, Lady Holder, Amber Hills Hold (Sister)
Zathris, 33, Lord Holder, Amber Hills Hold (Brother-in-law)
Royah, 43, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Arippa, 22, Hold Resident, Emerald Falls Hold (Daughter (twin))
Faldrimme, 22, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Daughter (twin))
Siya, 28, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Daughter)
Zanyn, 31, Holder's Wife (First Wife (deceased))
Thotha, 27, Holder's Wife (Daughter)
Jaryl, 35, Holder's Wife (Second Wife (Deceased))
Kerel, 24, Beastcrafter (Son)
Fiser, 21, Beastcrafter (Son)
Wilbera, 20, Nursery worker (Daughter)
Pyunn, 39, Holder's Wife (Third Wife)
Darfel, 14, Hold brat (Son)
Lysun, 12, Hold brat (Son)


Amarid, Brown Firelizard: aged 22, hatched m1 d13
Dark brown, clam and reliable. A very useful messenger.

Approved: March 20th 2006
Last updated: December 12th 2014

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