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Persona Profile: Benaroy


Name: Benaroy
Age: 89
Birthday: m5 d16
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Late Lord Holder

Physical Description of Persona:
It is obvious that at one time, Lord Benaroy had been a big man. He had been tall, with big hands, broad shoulders and a strong back, all of which came in handy as he worked the fields along side his Holders. Even Benaroy's features were strong, with long slopping forward, high bridged-pointy nose and pointed chin. His face is wrinkled and leathery from turns upon turns of laboring in the sun, and his once dark hair is now white. Shadows fill his deep blue eyes, and his body is racked with painful arthritis. He has suffered a couple minor strokes and the healers say it is only a matter of time before the big one comes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
In his youth, Benaroy had been full of hope and vitality, optimism and ambition. He was the obvious choice to succeed his father as Lord Holder
of Amber Hills Hold, and he accepted the responsibility with great enthusiasm, with reverence for the past and dreams of the future.

Since the plague, however, when Benaroy had to watch his family and his Holders die off one by one, he was a changed man. His smile never quite
reached his eyes again and his once carefree humor dissolved into reflective thought. All the energy had intended to devote to making his Hold great soon became a drive to survive. Even now, in his waning turns, he cannot slow down and he cannot relax. Those concepts have become foreign to him. He lives, breathes, sleeps, and eats Amber Hills.
All else - family included - comes second.

History of Persona:
Benaroy spent relatively carefree days growing up at Amber Hills. He and his brother Royah, who was older than him by only a turn, loved nothing more than to race their runners through the open fields and were responsible for more than one stampede in their day. Despite his 'energetic streak' it was clear who their father, Lord Royanin, had picked out to groom as his heir. As soon as Benaroy was finished with his harper classes, his days were spent shadowing his father while Royah was fostered out to another Hold. It was during that time that Benaroy picked up his father's ambitions to one day win the rivalry that existed between the Hold and their neighbor.

When Royah returned to their Hold, he too began assisting their father, but it was obvious his mind was elsewhere. While Royah was equally
qualified as his younger brother to lead a Hold, those who knew him best knew he had no interesting in filling the position when his father vacated it. When Lord Royanin succumbed to pneumonia unexpectedly, Royah left the Hold voluntarily in the hopes of dissuading the Conclave from picking him as the successor. Benaroy was quickly confirmed as the new Lord Holder.

In the summer of 1160, soon after he was confirmed, Benaroy prepared to host the Amber Hills annual Summer Gather. It was a great affair that attracted Holders, Craftsmen and Dragonriders from far and wide to their Hold. Much to his delight, even his wondering brother, Royah, turned up with one of the traveling caravans. It was a great success, but the next day, Royah displayed symptoms of a summer cold that was running
through his traveling companion's caravan. It soon became apparent that it was no cold - it was Plague, and all Benaroy's people - Holders, Minor Holders and crafters - had all been exposed to it. They quickly quarantined the area and warned all other Holds to quarentine anyone who had been at the Gather. Benaroy watched helplessly as his wife, two sons, and Royah, along with half his Holders died from the horrible plague.

Since the end of the plague, Benaroy had to turn his eyes from the future of his Hold to the here and now. It had now become a matter of survival. He worked alongside his Holders in the fields and encouraged his people to bear as many children as they could possibly feed. If they were ever to get back on their feet again and live comfortably
through the long cold winters, they would need hands to work the fields and raise the livestock. He himself remarried and began producing children. When she died giving birth to their seventh child, he took another.

Benaroy continued to work the fields alongside his Holders until the day he suffered his first minor stroke. After that the Healers begged him to slow down. The Lord Holder no longer knew how. Instead of going out into the field, he spent his time traveling to his minor holdings, working on his administrative duties, arranging polital marriages for his daughters, and has been training several of his sons to take over for him when the inevitable should happen.

When his region was rocked by a powerful earthquake, his Hold welcomed the refugees of Amethyst Cliff into their half-empty Hold. Now, his Hold teaming with life to the point of overflowing again, Benaroy's new challenge is choosing a successor who can handle the responsibility of running a suddenly fully populated Hold. He has yet to decide just which one it will be, but he knows his time is running out.

Benaroy fell victim to one final stroke and was found dead by his headwoman and former lover, Zelanka, on m1d8t5 without naming an heir.

Family and Friends
Royan, 50, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Son)
Benaran, 44, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Son)
Nimroy, 37, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Son)
Milroy, 35, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Son)
Benamil, 34, Junior Journeyman Beastcrafter, Amber Hills Hold (Son)
Royani, 22, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Daughter)
Royah, 42, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Son)
Benani, 27, Lady Holder, Amber Hills Hold (Daughter)
Yanley, 47, Headwoman, Dragonsfall Weyr (Daughter)
Keizha, 7, Deceased (First Wife)
Anley, 7, Deceased (Second Wife)
Keiroy, 7, Deceased (Son)
Benzhanin, 7, Deceased (Son)
Aroley, 8, Deceased (Daughter)
Anzha, 39, Hold Resident (Daughter)
Milena, 31, Hold Resident (Son)
Benil, 28, Holder (Daughter)
Imaroy, 23, Holder (Son)
Nimile, 7, Deceased (Third Wife)
Benley, 7, Deceased (Daughter)

Approved: February 28th 2006
Last updated: January 25th 2009

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