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Happy Birthday AL
It's AL's birthday today - everyone wish them a wonderful day!


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Dolphin Hall


Name Age Rank Craft Writer
Thayde 40 Hallmaster Dolphineer Heather
OPEN   Hallsecond   Create
OPEN   Master of Apprentices   Create
Taraglan 59 Master Dolphineer Adopt
OPEN   Master Crafter   Create
OPEN   Dock Master   Create
Jalodwyn 32 Senior Journeyman Dolphineer Miriah
Garvik 30 Senior Journeyman Healer AmajoS
Chalzie 20 Senior Apprentice Dolphineer Francesca
Kalesia 28 Senior Apprentice Dolphineer Adopt
Kirten 19 Senior Apprentice Dolphineer Adopt
Milga 18 Senior Apprentice Dolphineer Paula
Lerwit 17 Junior Apprentice Dolphineer Adopt
OPEN   Crafter   Create

Support Staff

Name Age Rank Writer
Jylanya 43 Headwoman Adopt
Enamra 17 Hallmaster's Wife Miriah
Famell 50 Hall Resident Adopt
OPEN   Hall Resident Create

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