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Level One Characters

Each location in Triad Weyrs has a Level One character. The writer of this character is responsible for approving location-wide storylines and promotions at that location.

Amber Hills Hold: Zathris (Lord Holder) - Heather

Barrier Lake Weyrhold: Kapera (Weyrwoman.) - Avery

Dolphin Cove Weyr: N'vanik (Weyrleader) - Devin

Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr: Thayde (Hallmaster) - Heather

Dragonsfall Weyr: Saibra (Weyrwoman.) - Heather

Emerald Falls Hold: Corowal (Lord Holder) - The Council

Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold: Vestian (Hallmaster) - Miriah

Sunstone Seahold: Bryvin (Lord Holder) - Suzee

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