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Persona: Vintner Hall
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Royan's Stories (1 - 21, most recent first)

Visiting a Memory
Zathris reminisces about his first meeting with Benani while penning a letter to his father.
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: Zathris, Benaroy, Royan, Benani, Rizan

A Time to Court
Demir formally asks Royan to court Faldrimme.
Writers: Ames, Suzee
Characters: Demir, Royan

Dinner Invitation and Conversation
Demir stops by for a visit with Royan's family and engages Faldrimme and Wilbera in some conversation.
Writers: Ames, Suzee
Characters: Royan, Demir, Faldrimme, Lysun, Darfel, Pyunn, Wilbera, Kerel, Fiser

Making a Start
Demir comes across his old mentor
Writers: Ames, Suzee
Characters: Royan, Demir, Kobias

Happy Gathering
After the wedding.
Writers: Suzee, Miriah, Heather, Chelle, Ames, AL
Characters: Reven, Arippa, Sarban, Caenir, Lisadi, Royan, Faldrimme, D'hol

The Adventure is Just Beginning
Faldrimme heads to River Bluff Weyr to see if it's the right place for her
Writers: AL, Ames
Characters: Royan, Faldrimme, Zathris, Z'lred

May You Find Your Happiness, Dear Daughter
Faldrimme talks to her father about her dreams and her future
Writers: Ames
Characters: Royan, Faldrimme

Till Death Do Us Part
Reven and Arippa's wedding
Writers: Suzee, Paula, Heather, Chelle, Ames, AL
Characters: Reven, Arippa, Faldrimme, Royan, Lisadi, Sarban, Corowal, Zathris, Caenir, D'hol, Cyradis, Benani, Wallia, Poreel

Evasive tactics
Yanley has to distract her brother, when he gets too curious of what she's been up to lately.
Writers: Ames, Paula
Characters: Yanley, Royan

Let's Do What We Can
Royan has to tell Zathris that his runner has been injured
Writers: AL, Ames
Characters: Royan, Zathris

Better to be prepared
Benani shows some letters to her brother
Writers: Ames, Suzee
Characters: Benani, Royan

Another Birthingday at Amber Hills
Ailnim second birthing day
Writers: Wendi, Suzee, Paula, Ames
Characters: Lyranel, Yanley, Nimroy, Zathris, Royan, Arippa, Faldrimme, Corofel, Zelanka, Benani, Anzha

A Special Announcement
Zathris makes a very special announcement at dinner.
Writers: AL, Ames, Emma, Anaria, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Wirnan, Royan, Benani, Zathris, Lyranel, Zelanka, Kaya, Ailnim

Watching My Dreams Slip Away
Royan recalls a time with his father from his youth where his dreams seem to be lost to him
Writers: Eimi, Ames
Characters: Benaroy, Royan

Keeping Neepa
Benani and Royan meet for lunch
Writers: Ames, Suzee
Characters: Benani, Royan

Feeding the masses
Benaroy fills his son in on the problem with feeding the masses
Writers: Eimi, Rebecca
Characters: Benaroy, Royan

The Dreaded Ride...
Benamil, Royan, Peryan, and Pyunn try to go for a late afternoon ride.
Writers: Danielle, Rebecca
Characters: Benamil, Royan, Pyunn, Peryan

Peryen corners Benamil in the stables, and Royan comes to the rescue- sort of...
Writers: Danielle, Rebecca
Characters: Benamil, Royan, Peryen

Still No Luck?
Royan gets Benamil to agree to meet Pyunn's younger sister
Writers: Danielle, Rebecca
Characters: Royan, Benamil

Point of Contention
Royan and Benaran have a disagreement
Writers: Rebecca, Rylie
Characters: Royan, Benaran

Thank the Egg For That
Shadux updates the Lord Holder's oldest son on the state of things in the Hold after the quake
Writers: Eimi, Rebecca
Characters: Royan, Shadux

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