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Persona Profile: Siya


Name: Siya
Age: 27
Birthday: m5 d26
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Lady in Waiting

Physical Description of Persona:
Siya has dark, sable hair, and fetching bright green eyes. She's on the taller side like her father, but has been taught how to present her willowy form in a demure, lady-like manner. Her face has strong angles that give her a striking appearance.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Siya was once a young girl caught up in girlish fantasies of romance, marriage, and being a Lady Holder some day. In more recent Turns, however, with Lord Zathris taking over Lordship of Amber Hills, Siya has realized her place in life. That a marriage to a future Lord is now less likely since her own father, Lord Benaroy's son, wasn't chosen as heir and Lord of Amber Hills.

Siya knows how to work her lady-like charms to her advantage. Most people would assume at first that she is simple minded, caring along about clothes and sewing. But beneath the surface, Siya has a sharp, quick mind, and she's very carefully calculating every move to give herself a prestigious position in life.

History of Persona:
Siya is a daughter of Royan, a son of the deceased Lord Benaroy, former Lord Holder of Amber Hills. She was raised at Amber Hills amid a slew of brothers and sisters from her father's different wives. While her grandfather, Benaroy, was alive, Siya was treated as a young girl who could possibly be a future Lady. She enjoyed being educated by the harpers, and taught etiquette by the Ladies of the Hold.

From a young age, Siya's attention was caught by the Ladies of the Hold. The clothing that they were, the style of their hair, their shimmering jewelry, and she knew that she wanted all of that for herself. Not just to be some Lady in the Hold, but to be THE Lady of a Hold.

At twenty-five, Siya is on the older side of an eligible lady looking for marriage. It annoys her to no end that her young Aunt Benani was made Lady of Amber Hills after Siya's father was passed over for heir. It enraged Siya that an outsider, Zathris, was chosen as Lord of Amber Hills when there had been plenty of Benaroy's sons to inherit, mainly her father!

Siya was fostered out to Malachite Gulch, and there found favor with the Holder's son, who more recently became her fiance. Siya moved back to Amber Hills once her fostering was over, but continues to pen letters and be in correspondence with her future husband.

Family and Friends
Royan, 50, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (Father)


Zayn, Blue Firelizard: aged 7, hatched m5 d5
Zayn is a light blue with a wily personality. He adores his human friend, especially when she gives him treats, and enjoys flitting about the Hold when she is busy.

Approved: July 3rd 2017
Last updated: September 1st 2019

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