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Persona Profile: Oniya


Name: Oniya
Age: 21
Birthday: m1 d20
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Unlike most of her siblings, Oniya inherited her father's height and coloring. She stands a good head taller than her older sister, and is already as tall as her seventeen turn old brother. Where most of her siblings have dark hair and eyes, Oniya's hair is light blonde and her eyes very blue.

Having been trained in a strict school to be a perfect lady, Oniya has spent little time outside and even less in strenuous activity. Coming to the Weyr, she's more than a little concerned that she won't be able to handle the more demanding life of a Candidate.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Oniya has always been quiet, but in recent turns she's retreated into herself almost totally. Being her father's favorite daughter made her life easier in some minor ways--she was never asked to do the hard work of managing the hold and she was never beaten--but the emotional distance it put between herself and her older siblings was hard to cross. She feels ashamed of her father's adoration and vaguely as if she has something to apologize for, making her act shy and self-deprecating.

More book smart than worldly, Oniya is finding the Weyr to be shocking in more ways than one, but secretly--deep underneath her well bred manners and outward reactions--Oniya is thrilled with every last shock and excited about her new freedom.

History of Persona:
Oniya was born the fourth of nine children to Natiye and Otone on a minor hold in Emerald Falls territory. Unlike her older siblings, Oniya inherited her father's looks and with it his affection. She was spoiled from a young age, setting her apart from her brothers and sisters. Though some children might have liked the attention, Oniya was fond of her older sister and adored her two older brothers, and their resentment of her special treatment made her miserable.

Unlike her older sister, who was expected to take care of the younger children, Oniya was groomed to be a lady. Her father figured that her beauty--something he found lacking in his eldest daughter--would eventually catch the eye of a rich lord and bring honor to the family. She was kept locked away from anything that might decrease her value in the eyes of a potential suitor, including men who weren't related to her.

When her father's plan to sell Oniya's older sister to a neighboring holder came to light, Oniya got a good look of what her eventual fate would be. Her father had been perfectly willing to hand his fourteen turn old daughter over to a man over sixty--Oniya knew that his fondness for her was actually a fondness for what he could get because of her.

Luckily for Oniya, her father would never get the chance to do the same thing to her that he did to Tiya. When his sins came to light, Lord Enrizial sentenced her father to life in the mines, giving Oniya's eldest brother, Tayone, ownership of the Hold. Oniya finally had the opportunity to know something beyond the doors of her sitting room, and begged her brother for the chance to visit Tiya at the Weyr. Little does Tayone know, Oniya has every hope of Impressing a dragon and staying forever.

Note: Adoption requires Bree's approval.

Family and Friends
Tiya, 23, Junior Apprentice Healer, River Bluff Weyr (Sister)
Natiya, 44, Minor Holder, Emerald Falls Hold (Mother)
Tayone, 27, Minor Holder (EFH) (Brother)
Otone, 70, Convicted Criminal (Working in the Mines) (Father)
Naten & Tonen, 17, Hold Residents (EFH) (Twin Brothers)
Naet, 25, Hold Resident (EFH) (Brother)
Titoen, 14, Hold Resident (EFH) (Sister)
Otanie, 12, Hold Resident (EFH) (Sister)
Tonat, 9, Hold Resident (EFH) (Brother)

Dragon's Name: Sarlenth
Dragon's Age: 8
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
To be updated!

Approved: March 31st 2007
Last updated: October 1st 2015

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