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Dolphin Cove Weyr

Dolphin Cove Weyr Badge

L1 Weyrleader: N'vanik
Weyrwoman: Cyradis
Weyrlingmaster: K'sedel
Wingleader: S'kand
Wingleader: M'gan
Weyrsecond: A'kades
Weyrwoman's Second: OPEN
Headwoman: OPEN
Weyrdragonhealer: Y'gel

Lozenge Bleu Celeste, Per Fess wavy Azure, a dolphin sable


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Latest News

A shocking near-tragedy at the Hatching!

Enali enacts the holders' plans by poisoning the meat meant for the hatchlings with fellis. Master Urlene's firelizard Stitch steals a bit for himself, and sadly doesn't make it. But his death alerts others that something is wrong . . . though not before the first hatchling takes a bite! Through the fast actions of Weyrdragonhealer Y'gel, R'fal, and Aviday, little Delorth is saved.

The shocking news creates pandemonium at the Hatching, scaring and confusing Candidates and dragonets alike, but all of them safely Impress.

Larsaz doesn't expect to Impress at all, but green Faelath has other ideas. Echovath is the very last hatchling to choose, and surprises Irradis by bumping into him to get his attention.

Enali tries to slip away, but K'don pursues her and calls in K'sedel to detain her. The Weyrleader questions Enali and she offers to give names if she can talk to J'ackt. She tells him about all his children, including the one she's pregnant with in an attempt to hurt him. She thinks the baby will save her. She does give names though. . . R'fal's father Terren, and the newly Impressed R'ayl.

N'vanik goes to speak to R'ayl, who is recovering with Delorth in the dragon infirmary. The boy denies being involved in the plot, though he admits to knowing Enali and reveals that he's Grevan's brother.

The Candidates were busy prior to the Hatching. Reyela notices Furayl struggling in Candidate class and offers to help him. Furayl does laundry duty with Irradis and learns more about dragonriders. While getting snacks for Cyradis, K'deren runs into Naradis and he invites her up for a visit. Naradis gets angry with Tirraze, who isn't fully dedicated to Impressing. Irradis meets with R'lor, who he knew at Rising Moons, and they catch up. Tirraze and Irradis chat while cleaning up after some fellow Candidates. Irradis also does chores with Larsaz, who is a much less helpful partner.

There have been both meetings and partings at Dolphin Cove lately. Arrilon and Chalzie spend one last night together before he leaves for the Harper Hall. T'lin comes across Alina doing a bit of math and they strike up a conversation about crafting. Aviday is sad to learn that her friend T'ner is moving to Barrier Lake, but they promise to keep in touch.

Irrkali and M'gan meet for dinner to discuss work, and end up exploring something else. When Jeath next rises, Isarth catches her, and both riders are very pleased with the outcome.

M'gan and R'kehr run across each other again, and M'gan gives the young bronzerider some advice.

Brennault continues his quest, and T'lin and V'rel help point him toward the cloth he needs, as well as invite him to their weyr for a bit of fun.

While Alina does a bit of spy work in the kitchens, Enali makes sure she overhears that J'ackt has fathered a number of children. . . including the one Enali herself is carrying.

Lorican comes to visit his son and gets relationship advice from Urlene.

M'gan comes to N'vanik with suspicions about a lighthouse keeper on Alina's sweep route and the Weyrleader decides to go there personally to clear things up.

They bring Journeywoman Onook, who can confirm the old Master's identity. The man who has been living at the lighthouse is not Rehaan, and the three of them have many questions for this stranger. He admits to being holdless, an escaped criminal, and claims Rehaan took him in. He also claims Rehaan died of a fall, and swears he had no ill intent toward the old man. Pending an investigation, N'vanik offers the stranger a place at the Weyr.

Written by Devin as L1 on November 9th 2021


Dolphin Cove Weyr was originally Thayan Peak Weyrhold, one of the four remaining Weyrholds on Pern. Thayan Peak was the last Weyrhold founded in the South, thirty-eight turns after the Ninth Pass ended. It handled a small portion of land that wasn't truly enough to support a full Weyrhold, but the area was rich in herbs and other necessities, and the dragonriders knew they would make up in trade what they lacked in land to grow crops and raise livestock. For centuries the riders made their living in this manner, and as the other Weyrholds began to dwindle in population, they took their share of riders, their own population declining more rapidly that some due to the isolation from Holds and Halls.

Dolphin Cove's current location was originally a thriving Weyrhold with a tropical location intended to provide lush fruits and such like in trade to the other Weyrholds. It was one of the last to close as dragon population dwindled, but was reopened when the original Thayan Peak location was destroyed in an earthquake in 1195. Lady Weyrholder Kaszian died in the earthquake and her grieving Lord Weyrholder S'honan led his people in reopening an abandoned Weyrhold near Topaz Sea Hold. His Weyrleadership was confirmed with young Kaedre's Advrith's rising, when his bronze Azapreth outflew younger bronzes in an open flight to win the young queen.

For turns, all ran smoothly at Dolphin Cove. But only eight months after the first strand of Thread appeared over Emerald Falls, the Weyr suffered a staggering loss: that of Kaedre and her gold Advrith. The next gold to rise was young Ysileerath, which installed the temporary Weyrwoman into permanency. The winner of the flight was none other than the previous Weyrleader. Brisis looked to him for guidance and he served as someone to keep her occasional over-zealous behavior from going too far. His loss of Azapreth in Threadfall, and surviving the loss, passed Weyrleadership to bronzerider V'leran, but Syehonan
remained with his young Weyrwoman.

In month four of the second Turn of the Pass, Brisis was poisoned at the Conclave meeting at Amethyst Cliff Hold. A young goldrider, Kalina, recently returned to the Weyr, stepped in and filled the gap temporarily. Her own gold, Moriath was the next to rise shortly after. The tumultuous relationship she had with V'leran was relieved when her gold was flown by Dalenth, leading to a complete change in leadership that took time to feel its way to stability.

For another turn after that, the Weyrleadership of Dolphin Cove suffered more change, one of the changes leading to a Thread tragedy that decimated an entire Wing of riders under then Weyrleader, O'dan. The mistaken formation cost the riders, but also the young queen, Moriath, and her rider, Kalina, who transferred out after Moriath was severely wounded.

Temporarily under the leadership of T'moran, and the Weyrwoman's Second, Jyramikah, a young gold visited Dolphin Cove from Dragonsfall and rose to mate over those hot sands. Traelyn and her gold, Nyith. J'darin's bronze Hasaarth caught her triumphantly, and both the bronze and the gold declared Dolphin Cove to be theirs, and so a Dragonsfall queen was installed as Weyrwoman of Dolphin Cove.

In Turn 4, J'darin and Hasaarth suffered an injury in Threadfall and the bronze was unable to chase the next time Nyith rose. Traelyn decided to throw the flight open and N'vanik from Dragonsfall won. N'vanik adjusted well to his new responsibilities, but Traelyn became more and more reclusive. At the end of Turn 5 her personal problems overwhelmed her and she attempted suicide, trying to take her gold /between/ permanently. She was taken to a special Mindhealer Hall and Janani took her place.

Angdelouth soon rose, confirming Janani as Weyrwoman and N'vanik retained the Weyrleadership. But now in another turn of events, Janani has left the Weyr. Cyradis replaced her and at first the new Weyrwoman's relationship with N'vanik was strained. Slowly, he's beginning to trust that she might not leave like his previous two Weyrwomen.


Dolphin Cove Weyr is located in a collapsed volcano right on the sea. The semi-circular shape of the Weyrbowl empties out onto a beach. One side of the Weyr faces out to the sea and has several weyrs dotting the side overlooking the water.

The tropical location of this area creates very little fluctuation in temperatures between winter and summer, but the humidity is lower during the winter and spring months. The average winter low temperature is 71 F (22 C); the average winter high is 88 F (31 C). During the summer months, the average low temperature is 74 F (23 C); the average high 88 F (31 C). Because of its location right on the sea, it is also subject to hurricanes during the late spring into autumn.

Building Information

Dolphin Cove's Weyr is a collapsed volcano, the westernmost side open to make the Weyr itself a half circle in shape. With the more open aspect of a cliff-weyr, but the endless caverns typical of a volcanic-weyr, Dolphin Cove is less elegantly designed than some of its contemporaries. The need for living quarters for the former residents of Thayan Peak Weyrhold overrode the need for amenities, so only the higher ranking folk have access to bathing facilities and other perks, just as in the original Weyrs reopened in the North.

Additional living space was gained by using the northern sea-side portion of the old volcano. It falls away jaggedly to the water, with ledges gaining a rider an intimidating view of ocean waves far below. These weyrs tend to be reserved for those with dragons only, as there are no corridors to access the weyrs on the rugged cliff face that is the first sight any sailor sees of the huge Weyr.

A large natural cavern serves as dining cavern, with the kitchens adjoining via a corridor. Large fans circulate air through the dining cavern into the kitchens, pushing the heat from the ovens out into the open air of the Bowl. The tropical nature of Dolphin Cove means that most cooking is done to avoid the extreme heat of the daytime, and the large chilled room at the rear of the kitchens and its refrigeration equipment are essential to keeping food cooked in advance during the cool of the night from spoiling.

The Hatching Caverns are as traditional as anything the North ever produced. Majestically large, they were the original reason the volcano was settled as a Weyrhold in the late Ninth Pass, even though it was later abandoned when the population could no longer support such a large facility as the entire location demanded. Three clutches could be accommodated on the Sands at once, a feat that luckily has not been tested since Dolphin Cove was re-opened in 1195. There is a small room off the caverns for the junior goldriders, but the Weyrwoman's weyr opens directly onto the Sands.

Weyrlings are housed in a man-made barracks until their dragons are old enough to fly, then usually are assigned the smallest and highest Weyrbowl facing weyrs. Once they leave weyrlinghood they often move to slightly larger quarters, usually on the sea-side cliff-face, which is only permitted once their dragons are fully matured and able to handle the wind currents that can result from the crashing waves below. The weyrling barracks is large enough to house nearly three clutches of junior weyrlings at once, with just over 100 couches for the Weyr's smallest dragon residents.

Candidates have a barracks as well, both genders residing in the large stone building only a dragonlength from the weyrling barracks. Weyr residents of candidate age are encouraged, but not required, to Stand with the permission of the Weyrwoman, so often the candidates don't live in the barracks. They are permitted to remain with their families, if weyrbred, or in their apprentice rooms if they already have a craft. Those of journeyman rank in a craft are almost never sent to the barracks, retaining their private rooms within the Weyr. The barracks tends to be mainly the living quarters for those candidates Searched from Holds and Halls, providing a bit of a safe haven for those struggling to adjust to the differences in weyrlife versus what they left behind at home. The candidate barracks can house ninety candidates at any one time, but it is rarely over half-full, even now that Search is no longer as difficult as it once was.

Even with the half-circle shape of the Weyr, the Weyrbowl is enormous. The weyrlake and feeding pens take up space in the northernmost arm of the Bowl, and rarely is the Bowl empty of people or dragons, even in the darkest part of the night. In tropical Dolphin Cove, residents learn the advantages to some tasks being handled nocturnally. The beaches are a favorite place for weyrfolk to cool off, as well as the large bathing caverns with their cool water (a great contrast to the warmed waters of other Weyrs). Shyness over nudity is something almost non-existent at Dolphin Cove, except in the newest residents imported from Holds and Halls.

Technology Level

Because of the rush to reopen the Weyr electricity was never a priority other than some minor electricity for refrigeration in the back caverns by the kitchen. All other light is given through glowbaskets and the heat for the water is through a geothermal system that was put into place back when Dolphin Cove was first a functioning weyrhold after the ninth pass.

The Weyrleaders have begun a project of upgrading the electricity for the Weyr. Among the Weyrwoman's priorities are: a larger source of electricity from nearby streams; upgraded refrigeration and cooling fans in the kitchens; electrical lighting in the main areas; expansion of lighting and fans to individual weyrs as the project progresses.

Female Policy

Women are welcome in all aspects of life at the Weyr and now with two Halls - the Dolphin Hall and the Harper Hall temporarily at the Weyr - more young women are apprenticing to Crafts.

Population and Plague Effects

During the plague, Thayan Peak Weyrhold lost approximately a third of its total population. Since then, it has steadily increased its population and regained its former level, with a minor setback due to the earthquake that destroyed Thayan Peak.


Dolphin Cove, like all other Weyrs, is basically dependent upon the tithes of the Hold's beholden to them. The individual riders may do occasional jobs within their craft to garner a few marks to purchase items, but normally all they need is provided to them by the Weyr.

Transportation Information

Since the sea comes right up to the beach near the Weyr, it is easily accessible by sea. The land around the Weyr is almost jungle like and overland travel is quite difficult, but can be done. And as always, no place is to far when going /between/.

Distances to other locations:
Topaz Sea Hold - 500 miles (800 kilometers)
Emerald Falls Hold - 1700 miles (2720 kilometers)
Dragonsfall Weyr - 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers)
Dream's End Weyr - 2,400 miles (3840 kilometers)
River Bluff Weyr - 4,800 miles (7,680 kilometers)

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