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Barrier Lake Weyrhold

L1 Weyrwoman.: Kapera
Weyrleader.: D'hol
Weyrlingmaster: K'lvin
Wingleader: J'nus
Weyrsecond: K'ran
Weyrwoman's Second: Aydhan
Project Manager: Bilpen
Headwoman: Jayzine
Weyrdragonhealer: M'van
Dock Master: OPEN


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Barrier Lake Weyrhold finally has a Weyrwoman and the flight brought horror, joy, and a completely new leadership. Ashela and her Aglayath tried to interrupt the flight and claim the new Weyrhold for their own but the timely interference of K'ran and Rogueth prevented the tragedy of the loss of a gold... or two.

Ultimately it was Yumath won Riyanth's flight which made Kapera Weyrwoman and D'hol her Weyrleader. Kapera has proven her restored leadership was the right choice this time and she has promised herself not to make the mistakes of her past.

Of course there is still ongoing construction as the site continues to grow. The crafters village gained new skills with the arrival of Lorican. While in the lower caverns, which are really mostly outbuildings at this Weyrhold, we continue to see new arrivals as well.

Ashela and her gold are transferred to Dragonsfall where it is hoped that Saibra can be a steading influence. While K'ran has become Weyrsecond in support of D'hol.

Come and enjoy the beauty of the lake country that is Barrier Lake Weyrhold!

Written by Suzee as Other on September 26th 2020


After the destruction of River Bluff Weyr, the other Southern Weyrs attempted to take up the slack by reapportioning the territory. But, after two turns it became too much and a Weyr Conclave in month 9 of the 9th turn of the pass it was decided they needed to establish a new Weyr in the former River Bluff territory. To protect it from a reoccurrence of the destructive power of the Volcano they wanted to find the new location farther inland.


Barrier Lake Weyrhold is located north of the Western Barrier Range and east of Garnet Valley Hold. Formerly a large, but abandoned gem mine, the Weyrhold is situated between a large lake and the Garnet Valley river. A large bay of the lake makes up much of the Weyrhold�s area

The Weyrhold is still a work in progress, with many temporary buildings to accommodate the Dragonriders, construction teams, and support staff that call it home. When it is completed it will boast not only the normal Weyr amenities but a nearby crafters village-town.

Building Information

Phase 1: The initially discovered location is an abandoned mine. There are only two entrances but a very large cavern that can be made into a hatching cavern. A small mining town is present on the north side of the cove. This houses the crafters who are the first to begin work on the new Weyrhold. A bit west of this small group of buildings they put up several cots with sandy wallows for the first wing of dragons and riders to arrive. A rudimentary dining area has been constructed for the initial staff. It is a long hall built of stone, wooden timbers and the beginnings of a tile roof are in place, but the kitchens are primitive, with only a clay oven and a spit area manned by canines are the only methods of cooking at the present time. Priority plans are in place to enlarge the building as soon as possible.

Technicians are currently working on building a hydroelectric station on the river as a priority while miner and smiths carve out new areas inside of the new Weyrhold.

Technology Level

The technology level plans on being high at Barrier Lake Weyrhold due to the nature and newness of its construction. Hot and cold running water is available in each available dwelling and building. Hot water is piped in from capped natural hot springs to all buildings and dwellings and is used as a heat source during the winter. Cold water is provided from the nearby river. Hydroelectric generators placed in the nearby river will power much of the needed electricity, providing steady lights and running the fans that pull humidity from the hatching cavern. Technicians have buried most of the electric conduits underground or plastered over them in the upper corners of hallways and corridors, but are still in the process of wiring each weyr. Until complete, glows are used in locations that technicians have yet to reach.

Female Policy

Barrier Lake Weyrhold welcomes female crafters and workers who have the necessary skills to contribute to the building of the Weyrhold or supporting those crafters and workers that are currently doing so. Women seeking shelter at the Weyrhold without such skills may be relegated to manual labor and menial tasks unless they show promise at quickly learning the crafting skills necessary to contribute. At that time, it will be up to the local craft Masters if there will be further training.

Population and Plague Effects

The nearby Barrier Hills Hold is a minor hold almost decimated by the plague, Their profitability and population drastically reduced.


The nearby Barrier Hills Hold is placed near a supply of rich red clay, prevalent in the area. Though mostly unused and underappreciated, many of the residents are skilled potters, creating clay tiles for buildings, kitchenware and occasionally works of art. With the building of the Weyrhold so close by, residents are hopeful that the economy will increase.

Transportation Information

The Weyrhold can be reached via river, lake, dragonback, or by road. Most trade and tithe arrivals come via the river, moving through the lake and coming in from the dock.

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