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Seacraft Hall

L1 Hallmaster: OPEN
Hallsecond: OPEN
Master of Apprentices: OPEN
Headwoman: OPEN
Ship Captain: OPEN
Dock Master: OPEN


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Latest News

Runners sent from Sunstone found the Hall smashed and broken by the huge wall of water that hit it after the Volcano's blast.

Survivors were found and taken back to Sunstone Seahold where they were given supplies and shelter until decisions could be made about their futures.

The Hall Master was not found.

Written by Suzee as Other on June 11th 2017


When Lord Morin decided to build a shipyard, it was only natural that the seacrafters involved in such an undertaking would continue to increase. When it was completed and began to be a hub on the Southern continent, the Lord Holder himself decided it would be expedient to set up a Hall there to take advantage of the seahold's location and population. Seeing the ambition in Morin's eyes, the Masterseacrafter selected Master Relik carefully. The old Master was known for his no nonsense approach and his knowledge. So Relik and his folk headed to Sunstone after an agreement was reached and they began building.

The main hall was built in a cove between Avian Point cothold and Citrus Bay Seahold down the coastline from the main Hold. The docks are extensive, able to hold three ships while under construction as well as three coming into resupply. Tugboats can be found moored here as well. A cave was hollowed out to store the wood they would need to season and a road was laid to connect the hall to the Hold and its roads inland. The hall boasts its own vessel Southern Star and serves as relay point for several ships.

Steadily, Relik has continued to bring in more people until he has a bustling hall with plenty of crafters, hallfolk, and support staff. They have reached out to the dolphin hall, forming a working relationship that has lasted despite the female dolphineers he dislikes. The hall is also close with the fishers in the area. The seacrafters agreed to a formal relationship with the Hold, though Relik is quick to point out his craft autonomy when he feels threatened in any way. When Lord Morin died, he met with the new Lord Bryvin to make sure that the old agreements would be honored. Satisfied, he continued operations.

There was a hurricane that hit Sunstone territory. The hall was hardest hit and it forced some of the hallfolk to take refuge at Citrus Bay Hold. After such a setback, the hardy seacrafters have begun rebuilding and have welcomed their folk home.


The seacraft hall at Sunstone Seahold is a few miles down the coast from the Hold itself, between Avian Point cothold and Citrus Bay Seahold. The road to it from the Hold is about 9-10 miles. It is under the protection of River Bluff Weyr. The only way to reach the Hall by land is through the mountain roads that connect it with Citrus Bay, Avian Point, and the rest of Sunstone's territory. By sea, however, it is a simple task.

The Hall is located at Sunstone Seahold. Refer there for the climate description. The average winter low temperature is 45°F (7.22°C); the average winter high is 60°F (15.5°C). During the summer months, the average low temperature is 81°F (27.2°C); the average high 94°F (34.4°C).

Building Information

Several buildings make up the Hall. The main building, nicknamed the Cargo Bay affectionately, houses the classrooms, the offices, the galley, the great hall (which doubles as a dining hall), and the storage rooms. It is two stories high. The building to the right of the Cargo Bay is where the crafters, the hallfolk, and their support staff live. It is three stories high and quite large, since the hall's population can decrease or increase with the arrival of several ships at a time. On the left side of the Cargo Bay is the watchtower.

This structure is both an observation deck and the location of the hall's drums. Sailors are a superstitious lot, compared to other Pernese, and they maintain a watch in the tower at all times, communicating with the lighthouse, tugboats, and incoming sailboats as needed.

The last major structure is the complex dock system. There are moorings for three tugboats, several fishing boats, and three large sailing vessels though more could be created for temporary guests. There are repair docks enough for two ships at a time. Then, there is the shipyard where they are constantly building new vessels and experimenting with new designs. The shipyard is a bit off from the Hall's docks, with its sets of slips and winches, and other needed areas. There is a small office on the docks where the Dockmaster stays.

Behind the hall, there are a few cotholds to house families who wish to live separately. The wood cave is behind the hall, accessible through a large open entrance which is always guarded.

Technology Level

Sunstone itself does not have electricity or any other power source yet. As such, the hall has not made any inroads to acquire it either. They operate with very large open windows, an open floor plan traditionally befitting southern buildings, glowbaskets, well placed fans, refrigeration caves, and heating water with fire.

There are also candles found in lanterns and a signal fire on the heights to use as needed.

Female Policy

The seacraft hall is traditional just as its Master is. They will not take female crafters, though the occasional female dolphineer may be seen from time to time. They have female support staff, however.

Population and Plague Effects

The hall was formed after the Plague so they didn't experience any of those effects. However, the population has continually increased since Sunstone Seahold has become more prominent and settlers have continue to pour in. The current population is somewhere around 300 though it varies as boats leave and return.


The seacraft hall does trade with many other crafts-specifically the dolphincraft and the fishercraft. Their principal economic activities are shipbuilding, cargo transport, and passenger transport. They also continue to chart the waters and explore the southern continent's coastline and depths to find useful things to salvage.

Recently, they have begun to convert sailing vessels so that they have engines that will run on steam. This source of power isn't widespread but Relik is hoping he can use the engines to make faster Crossing times and bring in revenue from passenger fees.

Transportation Information

By runner or wagon, the Hall can be reached from Sunstone Seahold and its neighbors. Otherwise, the Hall can only be reached by the sea. From the main Hold, it takes about two hours to get there overland but around a half hour or less by sea dependent upon which vessel used.

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