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Elsewhere on Pern

Weyrs, Holds and Halls may make up the majority of Pern, but some people enjoy the freedom that can be found on a ship, or in a trader caravan. Some people have less than noble motivations for keeping far from the watching eye of the Lord Holders, Hallmasters and Weyrleaders.

Here you will find information on the people who make their lives traveling. Some do it by choice, some do it for fun. Some do it because people are chasing them.

The articles and information below will give you a little information on some of the places and people who make their homes elsewhere on Pern. If you are interested in establishing your own little bit of elsewhere, contact the Council.

Master of Apprentices: Cohlman
Minor Holder: OPEN
Minor Holder: OPEN
Steward: OPEN
Headwoman: OPEN
Caravan Leader: OPEN
Riverboat Captain: OPEN
Riverboat Captain: OPEN
Ship Captain: OPEN


River Boats
Silver Sails Trade Ship

Maps and Floorplans

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