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Persona Profile: K'aur

Writer: Curious

Name: K'aur
Age: 18
Birthday: m10 d17
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Face Claim: Chris Pine

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (December 2020)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (December 2020)

Physical Description of Persona:
Kesricaur falls somewhere on the line between having an above average height for a man and being considered tall, standing at 5'9" exactly. A highly active lifestyle has graced him with a fair amount of muscle. However, he will never be the bulkiest of individuals and would likely become something closer to lean if he ever becomes more sedentary. His skin is fair with an even tan from a good deal of time spent outdoors.

If not for his strong jawline, Kesricaur's face could be considered soft. He is devoid of any facial hair at this point in time. The hair atop his head is light brunette, close to sandy blond, and generally allowed to grow to a few shaggy inches in length. His eyebrows, thick and subtly arched, are a few shades darker and rest above light greenish-blue eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Some might be inclined to call Kesricaur ambitious. Those inclined to be less kind would call him greedy. Others, still, might call him a dreamer - albeit one surrounded by rough edges rather than the whimsy and softness normally associated with the term. No matter how you phrase it, desire is a strong driving force for Kesricaur. He wants to earn a better station for himself in life. He wants to improve life for his family. He wants to surround himself with people and things he likes and make sure no harm comes to them.

His goals are pursued with a single-minded stubbornness. Unfortunately, in his case, being stubborn does not mean working hard. Kesricaur dislikes being uncomfortable and making more of an effort than what is convenient for him. This sometimes traps him in a cycle of setting a goal, failing to completely do what is required to meet it, and then trying again without changing his tactics. This continues until he gets what he wants through sheer relentlessness, his goal becomes truly impossible, or, once in a blue moon, he gets the point and changes his methods.

Life at Emerald Falls has left him with something of a chip on his shoulder. Kesricaur has just enough people-pleasing tendencies to have embraced the highly conservative views of his home Hold. It has made him deeply ashamed of his background and reluctant to divulge to people who aren't already aware. However, it wasn't enough to make him love his family any less. A touch of temper and near-explosive protective streak sees him snapping at anyone who talks badly about his mother and siblings. He is aware of his hypocrisy and somewhat ashamed of it, but not about to stop.

Kesricaur is equal parts playful and surly. Stay on his good side and he can be perfectly amicable and pleasant, as long as you can handle his habit of confidently passing judgment on people he doesn't know based on rumors and appearance. If you're on his bad side, however, be prepared for anything from snide comments to blatant insults. He is aware of the general notion that actions have consequences and so tries to restrain himself from physical fights. However, pushing the right button hard enough might flare his temper enough to make it slip his mind. Thankfully, as long as you don't seriously insult or threaten the people he cares about, there's an easy way to earn points with him. Compliments. Kesricaur is fairly full of himself and would be content to bask in flattery for ages. Go on, list everything you like about him. He's a pretty busy man - or at least, he expects to be one day - but he'll make time to listen.

History of Persona:
Kemira was nineteen turns old and unwed when she fell pregnant. She refused to divulge who the father was, let alone marry him, or go along with any of the emergency matches her parents set up for her. The consequence was getting disowned, and when little Mirima was born several months later, it was to an unwed mother with the rank of a drudge and few to no prospects.

Kesricaur was the second of Kemira's children, born only a turn after Mirima. Again, Kemira refused to share the identity of the father. The same thing happened when she gave birth to Ekirim two turns later. And with Irrim the next turn, and Reima the next. One of the first bits of gossip Kesricaur heard about his family, once he was old enough to understand such things, was that Kemira refused to name the fathers of her children because they were all from different men. The seed of truth that he suspected the rumor held filled him with shame even as hearing his mother spoken about so derisively made his stomach churn in anger.

Kesricaur was an outgoing and ambitious boy who paid close attention to social status. Despite the hardships she faced, Kemira strove to make herself valuable in the lower caverns whole being a loving and supportive mother. His siblings, for all that he constantly bickered with Mirima and couldn't quite understand Irrim, were very dear to him. It was only natural that he would end up wanting to improve his family's public image. After all, even with their flaws, they were /amazing/. But no matter how hard Kemira worked, her status as an unwed mother would always hold her back. The eldest and most fiery of his siblings, Mirima, was also a girl. That, in Kesricaur's mind, meant it was his job to help the family.

Improving his family's status proved more difficult than he had hoped. For a while, he tried to find a craft to apprentice in, but between his tendency to lash out at anyone who bad-mouthed his highly controversial family, lack of aptitude for anything in particular, and failure to work hard enough to make up for it, nothing worked out. The failure frustrated Kesricaur and weighed hard on his shoulders. Still, he kept trying and failing to find a niche for himself in the Hold. That lasted until shortly after he turned seventeen.

A dragon was on search at the Hold when it occurred to him that impressing had the potential to elevate his family's status beyond any position he could gain at the Hold. Better yet, he could get his family moved to the Weyr, where his mother wouldn't be looked at twice! Kesricaur himself was not searched that day. However, he has not yet given up hope of being whisked off to the Weyr and making an impression that will change his family's lives.

Family and Friends
Kemira, 38, Drudge (Mother)
Unknown, 0, ??? (Father)
Mirima, 19, Drudge (Older Sister)
Ekirim, 16, Holdbrat (Younger Brother)
Irrim, 14, Holdbrat (Younger Sister )
Reima, 14, Holdbrat (Younger Sister)

Dragon's Name: Remiath
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
It is immediately apparent that Remiath will be among the largest of his color when fully grown. As a dragonet, he is a rather round thing, heavyset and somewhat portly. That will change as he ages and baby fat turns into powerful muscle, leaving him a thread-fighting machine designed with brute force him mind. His hide is a dark shade of deep umber brown that gradually fades into a warmer cinnamon-like shade for a patch on his chest.

Like his rider, Remiath can come across as fairly surly. Unlike his rider, that surliness is not coupled with a quick temper. He's just a grumpy dragon in general. While not prone to whining, he also won't hesitate to voice his distaste or, if the occasion calls for it, a smart remark or two. An understated potential for softness resides beneath that rough exterior. He isn't exactly patient in the way browns are known for, but he is fairly empathetic and gentle with those who he senses need it.

Remiath shares K'aur's tendency toward ambition. He also sports the diligence and to see that his ambitions aren't entirely unfounded. Finally, a dash of determination gives him the potential to achieve the impossible - instill some sense of work ethic in K'aur.

Approved: November 29th 2020
Last updated: February 26th 2021

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