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Reports for Dragonsfall Weyr

February 24th 2021

Lately at Dragonsfall Weyr...

Greenrider Erivana moves out of brownrider K'yne's weyr, believing that since their son has now gone to the creche, there is no reason for her to stay. K'yne wants her to stay, but doesn't know how to ask her.

Candidates Orifa and Ruhil meet, and Ruhil is a little confused by Orifa's personality and her life before Dragonsfall. And... she claps a lot.

The Dolphin Cove Weyrleader and Weyrwoman Cyradis, come to Dragonsfall to check on K'ran, who is recuperating there after Rogueth's injury.

Jadirah has a frustrating conversation with her children, Jadirel and Kadira, about Standing for Impression. Ultimately, Kadira decides to Stand. She talks with mind healer J'lor.

Saibra finally makes some promotions, announcing Ashela as her Weyrwoman's Second, K'far as her Wingsecond, and Lanniya as her Wingthird.

Chioneth rises and choose Erdenth as her mate again.

Senior Queen Chioneth has a frustrating time laying her eggs on the sands since Junior Queen Aglayath is already on the sands with a clutch of her own. Saibra and Ashela have to work diligently to make sure their queens play nice.

Rorela, L'keri, K'mai, Taki have an amusing time together over a bet.

H'run has K'mai over for a visit and they have a difference of opinion

Rushil adjusts to his new home at the Weyr. He also meets Kadira while looking for the infirmary.

H'run visits Ashela on the Sands. H'run also interrupts a conversation between K'mai and T'lat, he doesn't get the attention he wants. H'run deals with being turned down by K'mai and comes to a realization.

Gineah and Rushil have a healthy sense of competition while cleaning out stalls as a part of their Candidate chores.

Kadira visits with K'dee and asks him for advice.

K'reyel and Saibra have to listen to many interviews to determine if Yasmeane rightfully accused Weyrlingmaster's Second D'kere of rape. After speaking with all parties involved, the Weyrleaders determine that Yasmeane has her facts mixed up with her first flight. K'reyel sentences Yasmeane to more time in Weyrlinghood and visits to the mindhealer.

D'kere resigns from his position as Weyrlingmaster's Second and makes up with his weyrmate, Talwynn. The two of them begin to plan leaving Dragonsfall.

Aglayath's clutch hatches. New Weyrlings: Ki'ben (Kaibren), R'hil (Rushil), and Orifa.

Written by Heather as L2

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