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Reports for Dragonsfall Weyr

September 30th 2020

Over the last few months at Dragonsfall.....

D'kere and Talwynn hit a rocky patch in their relationship when a female Weyrling asks D'kere to take her virginity before her first mating flight. When the Weyrlingmaster's Second doesn't refuse automatically, Talwynn is angered and the two say hurtful things to each other before Talwynn sleeps at her brother's weyr for the night. Will the pair reconcile?

H'run moves into Dragonsfall Weyr, immediately introducing himself to Weyrwoman Saibra, and then quickly getting to know Ninaine as well.

Speaking of Ninaine, she continues to have a difficult time living at Dragonsfall without N'call. She is extremely upset when Teseada visits with her and tells her that she and N'call have decided to have another baby. Hurt and feeling betrayed, Ninaine exchanges harsh words with the Barrier Lake goldrider.

Bluerider, and journeyman healer, T'kev works hard to prove to R'axe that just because he is blind it doesn't mean his life, or love life, is over. T'kev also procures a trained canine that can act as a guide for R'axe around the Weyr.

Lanniya spends some much needed gossip time with A'dryn.

Weyrwoman Saibra interviews an experienced brownrider, K'far, for the Wingsecond position in her Wing. Saibra is also questioned by Ashela and Lanniya on which goldrider will be her Weyrwoman's Second and which will be her WIngthird. Will the young Lanniya, who has a rocky past in breaking the rules, become the Weyrwoman's Second? Or will the ambitious Ashela, who encouraged her gold to rise at the same time as Kapera's, and nearly killed K'rans bronze Rogueth, become the Weyrwoman's Second?

After being injured by Ashela's gold, Rogueth and K'ran spend time at Dragonsfall recuperating. The injured bronze pair is visited by bronzerider K'lvin and they discuss K'ran's promotion to Weyrsecond at Barrier Lake and the lack of Saidrene's presence at Dragonsfall to visit the injured bronzerider.

Written by Heather as L2

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