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Reports for Harper Hall

September 28th 2020

The new Turn brought startling news at the Harper Hall - Hallmaster Vestian has named a woman as his new Hallsecond. Master Jayala has taken to her duties with her usual efficiency, but not everyone is pleased by a female harper taking the second rank in the Hall. One person who was delighted was elderly Master Zahira, who decided that her granddaughter's promotion meant she could return to Emerald Falls for the first time since the plagues.

Master Eilomar brought a surprise for his wife Merlish - an adorable little kitten. The gift was happily received, despite Eilomar ending up with a few scratches and gnawed fingers, but later an intimate moment between husband and wife was interrupted by feline crying. Will Eilomar end up regretting the new addition to the family?

Jayala continued her quest to recruit more female apprentices by offering a tour to one prospective applicant - Gesylle, the daughter of Trader Westyn - and invited her to the concert for the Lord Holder's birthday. She had a setback when the parents of another apprentice sent for her to return to their hold to be married.

Journeywoman Tasni has been continuing her search for the guard who was blamed for the fire at the Harper Hall. With the help of fellow journeyman Ueltin, she planned a trip to Forest Springs Hold, where the holder may have a grudge against Lord Corowal, and the two set off together in the guise of a bickering husband and wife. Unknown to her, Ueltin has been reporting back to Master Jayala about Tasni's activities. Is she a Northern spy, or does she have her own reasons for infiltrating the outlying holds?

There's plenty of mystery, politics and opportunities for new crafters at the Harper Hall!

Written by Estelle as L2

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