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Stories set at Harper Hall (1 - 25, most recent first)

Lives Could Be At Stake
Jerlaron reports to Jayala about some troubling activity in the Hold
Writers: Estelle, Francesca
Characters: Jayala, Jerlaron

New Experiences
Arrilon arrives at the Harper Hall and meets with Jayala
Writers: Estelle, Francesca
Characters: Arrilon, Jayala

A Song for the Times
H'run brings Jayala a song for the Archives
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: H'run, Jayala

When Opportunity Knocks
H'run pays a visit to the Harper Hall
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: H'run, Jayala

A Good Wife
Tasni and Ueltin set off on a journey to Forest Springs Hold
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Tasni, Ueltin

Jayala is surprised by some new arrivals at the Harper Hall
Writers: Estelle
Characters: Jayala, Zahira, Rahani

An Unexpected Offer
Jayala remembers receiving a promotion from Vestian
Writers: Eimi, Estelle
Characters: Jayala, Vestian

It's All About Politics
Tasni speaks to Eilomar to find out about Forest Springs Hold and Holder Giffin
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Tasni, Eilomar

Leaving the Nest
Jayala gives Westyn's daughter a tour around the Harper Hall.
Writers: Estelle, Heather
Characters: Jayala, Westyn, Gesylle

Plans for a Journey
Tasni and Ueltin plan a trip to search for the missing guard
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Tasni, Ueltin

Interesting Case
Ueltin reports back to Jayala about Tasni's activities
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Jayala, Ueltin

Reporting Back
Ueltin tells Tasni what he learned from the guards
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Tasni, Ueltin

A Convenient Way to Hide Evidence
Tasni asks Ueltin to help with her investigation of the fires at Emerald Falls
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Tasni, Ueltin

A Cry for Attention
Eilomar is in the mood, but he has competition for his wife's attention...
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Merlish, Eilomar

Changed Circumstances
Jayala receives unwelcome news from the parents of one of her apprentices
Writers: Estelle
Characters: Jayala

Something to keep you company
Eilomar has surprise to Merlish.
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Eilomar, Merlish

Substitute Teacher
Saranni arrives for singing practice and finds she has a replacement teacher
Writers: AmajoS, Estelle
Characters: Tasni, Saranni

Saranni hires Ueltin to help her be ready for the next time she auditions.
Writers: AmajoS, Paula
Characters: Ueltin, Saranni

Old Prejudices
Jayala finds an apprentice hiding in a practice room.
Writers: Estelle, Francesca
Characters: Jayala, Unana

The Audition
Saranni auditions for the choir with the help of Ueltin.
Writers: AmajoS, Paula
Characters: Saranni, Eilomar, Ueltin

Don't Screw it Up
Jayala is not best pleased about Tasni's new case
Writers: Estelle
Characters: Tasni, Jayala

Visiting the Harper Hall
Saranni looks up her old teacher at the new Hall and takes a chance.
Writers: AmajoS, Paula
Characters: Eilomar, Saranni

Talk Between Masters
Eilomar and Jayala have a chat, mostly about apprentices.
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Eilomar, Jayala

Were You Here Then
Tasni meets a fellow journeyman, Almeric, and they discuss the fire that happened at the Hall.
Writers: Ames, Estelle
Characters: Tasni, Almeric

I Would Choose Him Again
Tasni's assumptions about Merlish's marriage lead her into trouble.
Writers: Eimi, Estelle
Characters: Tasni, Merlish

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