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Stories set at Harper Hall (1 - 25, earliest first)

A Thorny Issue
Gilbek brings Calenta to the Harper Hall, where she is welcomed by Ryndel
Writers: Estelle
Characters: Gilbek, Ryndel

Demel discovers Gilbek leaving the Harper Hall after fire breaks out, and takes him to Ryndel
Writers: Estelle, Stevie
Characters: Gilbek, Demel, Ryndel

Enrizial and Kohler help to fight a fire at the Harper Hall
Writers: Estelle, Nici
Characters: Enrizial, Kohler

A New Leader
Almonteo meets his new Hallsecond and gives him news of the future of the Hall.
Writers: Eimi, Estelle
Characters: Almonteo, Ryndel

Enrizial writes to Almonteo to complain about his Hallsecond
Writers: Estelle, Eimi
Characters: Almonteo, Enrizial

Take Me To Our New Home
Almonteo brings his wife to their new home
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Almonteo, Carmora

We're All Going to be Happy Here
The new Hallmaster and his wife entertain the new Weyrwoman
Writers: Bree, Dana, Eimi
Characters: Almonteo, Carmora, Traelyn

For the Good of the Hall
Carmora learns a little of the "scandalous" side of the Weyr...
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Carmora, Almonteo

Letters to a Friend
Anaia exchanges letters with Ryndel about why she was sent away from EFH and he tells her about how Reilina escaped.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy
Characters: Anaia, Ryndel

The Real Issue
Almonteo tells his wife of the news from Emerald Falls
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Almonteo, Carmora

Party Anyone?
J'darin and Almonteo make plans for the up-coming Harper Welcome Party
Writers: Clancey, Eimi
Characters: J'darin, Almonteo

Ojisan and his wife finally get to have some time alone now that they've landed at the Weyr
Writers: Dana, Eimi
Characters: Larken, Ojisan

Time to Make a New Home
The Harpers land at Dolphin Cove Weyr
Writers: Clancey, Dana, Eimi, Estelle
Characters: Almonteo, J'darin, Traelyn, Ryndel

Music and Dancing!
The Weyrleaders talk with the Hallmaster and his wife before the start of the Harper Hall Welcome
Writers: Bree, Clancey, Dana, Eimi
Characters: J'darin, Traelyn, Carmora, Almonteo

Seeing Her Settled
K'deren comes to the Harper Hall Master to discuss the possibility of his daughter entering the Hall
Writers: Eimi, Emma
Characters: K'deren, Almonteo

How Harpers Dance
Almonteo and Carmora share a dance
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Almonteo, Carmora

Back to Work
The Hallmaster makes a visit to the instrument workshop
Writers: Eimi, Elaine
Characters: Almonteo, Kwiksol

Of Food And Song
Aletta meets and hides Figol.
Writers: Rebecca, Cali
Characters: F'gol, Aletta

Of Food And Song
Aletta and Figol make plans for him to play for her and Farsith.
Writers: Cali, Rebecca
Characters: Aletta, F'gol

An unusual step
Almonteo asks Thanja to be his Hallsecond
Writers: Eimi, Emma
Characters: Almonteo, Thanja

The Most Comfortable Couch
Almonteo and Carmora recieve a letter that bears both good news and trouble...
Writers: Bree, Eimi
Characters: Almonteo, Carmora

What could it mean?
The Harper Hallmaster and his Second discuss what Eggs on the Sands could mean for the youth of their Hall
Writers: Eimi, Emma
Characters: Thanja, Almonteo

This Place is Impossible!
Almonteo answers the concerns of one of his masters
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Almonteo, Eilomar

She'll go far
Thanja meets with Karaleigh
Writers: Eimi, Emma
Characters: Thanja, Karaleigh

A Quick Question
Figol asks Kwiksol for a favor, so he askes for one in return
Writers: Cali, Elaine
Characters: F'gol, Kwiksol

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