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Reports for Vintner Hall

June 1st 2019

Early in the tenth month a brewing class was assigned the task of brewing a beer. One Apprentice in particular decided to go a step further and brew two beers. When the assignment was done and the beers were tasted, his were met with approval.

The new Hallmaster, Kefnek, and Hallsecond Capwick held a meeting on his first day to discuss pending issues. The advancement of a journeyman, the potential for an assistant for the Hallmaster, and a request for inventories and records.

Journeyman Keayd was informed that he was eligible for advancement and a date for the ceremony was set for the upcoming month.

Hallmaster Kefnek discussed his plans for the Hall with Lord Holder Zathris while they visited the vineyards.

After being sent to the Hallmaster for punishment, Apprentice Leofren was given the opportunity to serve as Kefnek's personal apprentice. The Hallmaster decided that the boy was not being lazy, only was not being challenged enough to keep his attention.

There are still lots of open spots at the Vintner Hall, including ranking positions.

Written by AmajoS as L1

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