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Chupsin's Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

There Comes a Time
The healer is called to tend one of his own.
Writers: Chelle, Paula
Characters: Stennar, Chupsin, Vidfran, Stenra

Looking for a Sole to Steal
Keayd comes to see the healer for a remedy.
Writers: Chelle, Paula
Characters: Chupsin, Keayd

Amber Anxiety
Chupsin asks Zelanka about the bandits.
Writers: Chelle, Paula
Characters: Zelanka, Chupsin

Backup Checkup
Chupsin is glad he's off the hook.
Writers: AL, Chelle
Characters: Chupsin, Zathris

Nappy Proof
The question of parentage is put to rest.
Writers: Chelle, Suzee
Characters: Chupsin, Benani

The Pleasant Side of the Family
Genna has more family to visit.
Writers: Chelle, Jelena
Characters: Genna, Chupsin

In the Wrong Place
An injured Benamil is patched up by Chupsin.
Writers: Chelle, Heather
Characters: Benamil, Chupsin

Some Useful Advice
Corran gets useful firelizard advice from Chupsin.
Writers: Avery, Chelle
Characters: Corran, Chupsin

Healing Broken Friendships
Daimhin tries to fix his broken friendship with Chupsin.
Writers: Chelle, Cymiri
Characters: Daimhin, Chupsin

Let the Tasting Begin
The new vintages are introduced at the Spring Winetasting at Amber Hills.
Writers: AL, Anika, Chelle, Heather, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Zathris, Gautrek, Rethisa, Chupsin, Keayd, G'nir, Zelanka, Benani, Demir, Mirdella, Geirlene

Cut... The Cord
Baby time for Benani.
Writers: AL, Chelle, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Benani, Zathris, Chupsin, Yanley, K'ale

Not Coming Round
Chupsin is frustrated and tries a new tact for a patient.
Writers: Chelle, Paula
Characters: Chupsin, Stennar

Not a Morning Person
The two of them make the rounds.
Writers: Chelle, Paula
Characters: Stennar, Chupsin

Company for a lone drinker
Rayan comes across Chupsin in the tavern and decides to have a chat.
Writers: Chelle, Jelena
Characters: Rayan, Chupsin

Someone Good to Know
Gautrek and Chupsin meet at the Tavern.
Writers: Anika, Chelle
Characters: Chupsin, Gautrek

The healer comes to examine the Lady Holder with success.
Writers: Chelle, Suzee
Characters: Benani, Chupsin, Betha

The Hall's New Hallmaster
The installment ceremony takes place.
Writers: Chelle, Jelena, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Rayan, Chupsin, G'nir, Vestian, Keayd, R'gelen, Bethila

Healing and Husbands
Loella sees Chupsin after her miscarriage.
Writers: Chelle, Suzee
Characters: Loella, Chupsin

Zathris mulls over his own memories.
Writers: AL, Chelle
Characters: Zathris, Chupsin

"The Final Chapter"
Chaysea comes to visit her brother only to find out that Chupsin is gravely disappointed in her.
Writers: Chelle, Heather
Characters: Chaysea, Chupsin, S'avn

Shame on the Family
Chupsin and Sinla discuss their sister's decision.
Writers: Chelle, Jelena
Characters: Chupsin, Sinla

Sure, Everything's Fine
Kaya sees Chupsin for a checkup.
Writers: AL, Chelle
Characters: Kaya, Chupsin

Finding Distractions
The healer uses the Weyr to get over his wife.
Writers: Avery, Chelle
Characters: Chupsin, Talwynn

Getting Back to Good
Chupsin takes a bit of comfort after loneliness.
Writers: AL, Chelle
Characters: Chupsin, Sofeya

A Bad Landing
Corran has a bad fall and Chupsin patches him up.
Writers: Chelle, Avery
Characters: Corran, Chupsin

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