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Persona Profile: Vreena


Name: Vreena
Age: 20
Birthday: m2 d3
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Job: Foster Mother

Physical Description of Persona:
Though she is full and curvaceous, Vreena stops just shy of being a beauty. Her hair is a honey blonde with sleek waves that tumble over her shoulders. Her eyes are cornflower blue and her pale skin glows without a blemish. Her strong jawline and high bridged aquiline nose keep her from being stunning, but she is still very striking.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Though Vreena can appear vapid and shallow, she uses that as a mask to hide cunning intelligence. She is quietly manipulative, but is also very aware of what she can and can not get away with. She is a consummate actress and is unconcerned with those she may hurt to get what she wants.

History of Persona:
Vreena was raised among the ladies of Sunstone Sea Hold. Though she was not of the Blood, her parents were minor cotholders with a large, prosperous farm . It was enough to allow her to have a more thorough education of etiquette and propriety.

It did not, however, keep her from feeling different. While other girls were sighing over boys, she was secretly sighing over them. She felt herself alone until she met and fell in love with the Headwoman's daughter, Humari; to her delight, Humari returned her feelings and for a while, she was happy.

Then, the worst happened. They were caught in an intimate embrace by Humari's brother and were taken to Humari's mother, Yriadha. Panicked, Vreena acted without thinking and passed the blame to her beloved, desperate to avoid punishment. She regretted the moment she was separated from Humari. Vreena's parents were horrified and within a week, a marriage to a much older cousin who was a guard at Emerald Falls was arranged.

She hated her husband, who took his spousal obligations quite seriously, whether or not his wife was willing. When she discovered that she was with child, she was disgusted. She had never wanted to bear children and as soon as she could, found a way to rid herself of the child. When her husband died shortly after, no one asked questions. He was an older man after all.

Vreena returned to Sunstone Sea Hold, now a widow. She was surprised to be welcomed by Yriadha and to hear an apology from the woman. She didn't quite believe it, but she was being given an opportunity to get her Humari back. And she would do anything to do it.

After a falling out at the Sunstone, she made her easy to the Weyr and offered her services for sanctuary.

Approved: December 23rd 2015
Last updated: February 1st 2020

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