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Persona Profile: Mirdella

Writer: Paula

Name: Mirdella
Age: 31
Birthday: m11 d23
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Mirdella is classic beauty with golden brown hair and blue-grey eyes. Her oval face has regular, delicate features, high cheekbones, long narrow nose and plump lips with stubborn jaw. She's always meticulously groomed and well tended, using citrus juice to lighten her hair colour and other subtle ways to enhance her beauty. She would never wear anything but feminine skirts and dresses or appear disheveled. She's only five feet tall and more curvaceous than lithe. To her chagrin, bearing children has left marks to her body.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Well bred and proper hold woman, loving and caring daughter, wife and mother...fooled you didn't she? She is all that, but she's also ambitious, vain and actressy. She uses guile, charm and vicious rumours to get what she wants. And she wants a lot. If she can't be Lady Holder, she at least must become a Holder's wife, or Master Crafter's wife. She's quite eager to support (read: drive on) her husband to a higher rank. She loves fine clothes and jewelry, hates heavy work (that's what the drudge are for). Although she loves her children, she's not very keen on having more of them. Her opinions tend to be very prudent and conservative.

History of Persona:
Mirdella was born as the first daughter and fourth child to holder Koldelo and his first wife Mireda. Her mother died to childbirth complications and Mirdella was left under care of a milkmother. She became center of her father's attention and rather spoiled. She was closer to Mirdelo than the two older brothers, distanced by the age difference between them. Koldelo's new marriage didn't sit well with little Mirdella, forcing her to fight for his love and affection. She soon learned that people liked her more if she wasn't openly hostile/mean towards her step-mother and younger half-siblings that followed in due time. During her harper classes, she was bright but lazy student.
From the age of twelve, Mirdella spent four Turns as fosterling at the Amber Hills hold. She tried to catch attention of one of late Lord Benaroy's sons, aiming for marriage. On hindsight, she tried too much and was too obvious with her intentions and got rejected. She had no other option than to return to Hidden Meadows and accept the marriage Koldelo had arranged for her. She was wed with Journeyman farmcrafter Inarys at the age of 16. Inarys is local "boy", born in Hidden Meadows, about ten Turns older than her and had a promising career ahead of him. He had spent ten Tuns in the Farmcraft hall and had recently returned to Hidden Meadows to take up the position of "head farmer".

After a bit under two Turns since their wedding, Mirdella gave birth to their son, Inadel. Second son Mirrys and their daughter Indella were born three and two turns apart. Being short sized, Mirdella didn't have easy pregnancies. Inarys felt he rather settle for three children than see her killed in childbirth, like her mother. To her surprise, their marriage turned out to be happy one. Inarys practically worshiped her and she grew to love him in her own way.
Her father's recent, fatal illness and final will had made her ambitions rear their head.

Family and Friends
Demir, 41, Minor Holder, Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold (brother)
Kobias, 43, Master Crafter, Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold (brother)
Inarys, 41, Sr journeyman farmer (husband)
Inadel, 13, Hold brat (son)
Mirrys, 9, Hold brat (son)
Indella, 8, Hold brat (daughter)

Approved: February 5th 2014
Last updated: July 3rd 2014

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