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Persona Profile: Kobias


Name: Kobias
Age: 43
Birthday: m11 d7
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Tanner
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Saddlemaker

Physical Description of Persona:
Kobias is very muscular and built for hardwork. He stands a tall 6'3" and weighs about 250 pounds. With dirty-blonde hair and blue eyes he is quite a dashing figure when he's not wearing a hat, a preference of his, or his leather-working gloves and apron.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Kobias is a rather friendly sort, as long as the other person he's dealing with is friendly. If anyone dares to insult him, his work, or others around him, well, Kobias will quickly change into a burning inferno that aims to put that person in his or her place. He's got a strong sense of fairness and justice and expects everyone to do their part to help when help is needed.

Kobias has always loved the dragons of Pern, but preferably from afar. He does not enjoy riding high through the skies or the strange cold of between. He'd much rather have his feet on the ground and his hands working the soft skins that are a part of his daily routine.

History of Persona:
Born the first son to Koldelo and his first wife Mireda. Kobias was lucky enough to get to spend the bulk of his childhood with his mother and father. Mireda died while giving birth to her fourth child, the only girl in the family. It was a devastating time for them all. Kobias took it very hard. His mother had always been behind him, encouraging his love of working with animals and animals hides.

With the small hold having been training up animals for some time, he was able to garner much experience with the creatures in his young years. Still, working with the _live_ animals was not nearly as invigorating as unleashing his creative powers on the hides of the animals instead.

When given the chance, Mireda pushed Kobias to study under an older master tanner who had taken up residence at their small hold as he liked the peace and quiet in his twilight years. So, Kobias began his apprenticeship as soon as he was able to do so. Fenelo, the master tanner soon became his friend and confident as they worked together in the small tanner's hut that had been fashioned for him. Kobias would always look back fondly on those days. It was Fenelo who offered him comfort through work when Merida passed away shortly after he began his apprenticeship. Fenelo knew that Kobias had great skill and art. He petitioned the Tannercraft Hall to accept the boy. The old master, whose own time was drawing to a close as well, spoke with Koldelo words only the two would ever know.

It wasn't long after that Fenelo passed. Kobias was heartbroken once again. He loved his craft, but without Fenelo who he'd come to see as a grandfather-like figure, he didn't know how to continue. That was when Koldelo informed Kobias that he had been accepted at the Tannercraft Hall. With his father's blessing, Koias left Hidden Meadows to seek his own fortune as a tanner.

Kobias's love and respect of animals from his youth, led to him handling the hides and skins he received with such care and precision, that his work soon became known for quality and creativity. Kobias continued his work and studies, all while only returning home on occasion to spend short times with his family. Within the past Turn, Kobias reached his ultimate goal, the rank of master. His work became more widely known throughout Pern. Each piece showed such care and attention to detail that very few others' could compare.

Most of his time was spent working diligently on his craft he hardly had time to focus his attentions on any women. There was one, once, whom he thought to give his heart to, but alas, the foolish girl's path led her a different way. Tobias was heartbroken for a time, but soon quickly applied himself to the task of perfecting his craft instead. Since then he has paid little attention to the women around him as he forged ahead in his goal of mastery.

It was shortly after his time of walking the tables that his father became injured and ill. Kobias knew that at last it was time to return home for more than just a visit. He needed to be there for his family, and he knew he would need their support as well once their father passed.

The transition home was not an easy one. Kobias hardly knew his young sister and youngest brother, but the time he has been here has been good for him. He had set up shop in old Fenelo's Tanning huts, which only brings back the memories of his youth. The quieter pace of life at the small hold better suits his needs for the time being. For now, he is planning to stay awhile, though what the future holds, no one, not even Kobias could possibly know.

Family and Friends
Demir, 41, Minor Holder, Hidden Meadows, Amber Hills Hold (Brother)
Koldelo, 62, Minor Holder (Father)
Mireda, 57, Holders Wife (Mother - Deceased)


Brinlar, Canine: aged 10, born m7 d3
Brinlar is a happy canine overall. She loves being around people, but is also content to just curl up beside Kobias's feet as he works. She enjoys the peace and quiet of the workshop, and the freedom to roam while her master is busy at work.

Approved: February 3rd 2014
Last updated: October 30th 2015

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