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Persona Profile: Kenza


Name: Kenza
Age: 50
Birthday: m2 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

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Physical Description of Persona:
Kenza is not a tall woman, but with a personality that looms somewhat larger than life, she is capable of intimidating more than her fair share of young riders. Hair black as coal is showing the few silver strands only too well, and she keeps it long enough to pull back.

In her youth she might have enjoyed the braids favored by many female riders with lengthy hair, but when not hidden under a helmet, she keeps her hair in a no-nonsense bun tight enough to look almost painful.

Her eyes are brown and surrounded by smile lines, though she's also capable of looking frighteningly stern when she feels it's necessary. She prefers dark clothing and no one has ever seen her in a skirt or dress--nor are they likely to.

Emotional Description of Persona:
If there is one thing Kenza hates more than anything else, it's male ego. After turns of putting up with it, she has short patience for any sort of foolishnesses, and is perfectly capable of shaking sense into someone verbally or physically.

She knows the boundaries of rank and acceptable behavior and treads them carefully, but she also knows when she can get away with stepping over them. And she does, with great energy.

When not smashing foolish male heads together, she is a far more laid back woman, especially good with giving a maternal shoulder to young riders, be they male or female.

She likes her men old enough to be comfortable with themselves and devoid of any displays of male insecurity, and tends to be very selective about who she spends her time with--a pretty face and charm are not enough for Kenza.

History of Persona:
Kenza grew up at Dragonsfall as a weyrbrat, and can't imagine life any other way. Born in the first turns after the plague, Pern was a somber place. She Impressed early in life, but the lack of Thread caused her to spend time working at the harper craft with a decent dedication. Kenza was fairly wild in her twenties, going through multiple romances and giving birth to three children, all of whom were fostered. When the signs started appearing that Thread might return, something inside Kenza changed.

She had grown out of her wild days, and instead spent time preparing for the day she knew would come. Scored in the first Fall of the new Pass, Kenza got a lesson in why discipline is so important to the Weyr. Her entire right side suffered in the scoring, and although she recovered her mobility, the scars are ugly enough that she uses them to impress the seriousness of Threadfall on young riders who seem to think they're immortal. She's served as a Wingthird in several wings over the turns, going wherever she is assigned and taking no foolishness from anyone, be they weyrling, rider or Wingleader.

During her 45th Turn, Kenza became pregnant once again. The risks were too high and the babe was lost. This sent Kenza into a downward spiral for sometime. It was after much intervention and hardwork that she is back on the right path.

As part of her healing process however, she has opted to step down at Wingthird for the time being so she can devote her time to her recovery.

Family and Friends
Kenaline, 27, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Daughter)
K'ale, 26, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Son)
D'ale, 54, Wingsecond, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (lover)
Zadayle, 23, Candidate (Son)

Dragon's Name: Solith
Dragon's Age: 38
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Solith is as serious as her rider, though somewhat more forgiving of the male dragons than her rider is of male humans. She is small, fast, and in three turns of Threadfall has only been scored once--a minor score on her right side.

Solith is commanding and driven in her duties as a dragon and has no qualms putting a fellow man or dragon in his/her place. She is rather strong-willed and opinionated of her own right, even when that conflicts with her rider's thoughts.

Solith has always been adventurous and courageous in her ways, however, after nearly losing her life-mate to the scores turns ago, Solith has calmed quite a bit and developed a rather protective stance over Kenza and those she deems in need of it.

A flirt, like her fellow green sisters, Solith enjoys knowing the males fawn over her, but she is, in fact, rather choosy when selecting a mate.

Approved: August 15th 2005
Last updated: December 12th 2014

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