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Persona Profile: Ameala


Name: Ameala
Age: 25
Birthday: m7 d22
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Dark brown hair falls a few inches below her shoulders frames intriguing hazel eyes that always seem to be smiling. Thin and angled eyebrows frame her olive toned eyes. A long thin nose punctuates the symmetry of her face. Lightly bronzed skin and complexion is the perfect backdrop for her darker hair. Ameala prefers to appear slightly well dressed and well groomed, a trait that has been afforded her as an only child and with her mothers help. Lightly pronounced cheekbones and a diamond shaped face provide an elegant canvas for her youthful facial features. A slender 5'7" figure while still maintaining a curvy waist accentuates her beauty and she carries it with practiced grace.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Ameala's a bit of the free thinker of the family but her ideas are often brushed aside by her parents. She has always been treated as something to be coveted rather than let free. She loves her family and those close to her deeply and with loyalty. A lifetime of biting her lip has created a need to break out of the box but an opportunity has yet to present itself. To others she is a friendly, sweet, and polite girl with bluntness at times that can only be excused because of her father's status and her endearing good looks.

History of Persona:
Born to a second generation Hold family, Ameala is the only daughter. Her father is the second in command of the guard at the Hold and her mother was a caretaker of children. Ameala grew up as the precious jewel of the family. She has her father's good looks and quick mind. Her mother took care of things as far as raising her to be a lady. Though her parents have tried to keep her sheltered behind the Hold's wall's, mentally and physically, she learns of the world from whomever will teach her about it. Her father is closest to her though and they share a close bond. As Ameala grew older that bond became strained when suitors started calling and the prospect of marriage came into play. Much to Ameala's delight, she met her soul mate when she met Fitchan.

When Fitchan was transferred to River Bluff Weyr, Ameala happily went along. Much to her surprise she was chosen to Stand and Impressed Ingoth right after arriving.

At the same time, she soon learned that what she and Fitchan had longed for had also happened. She was with child.

Baby Metchan was born m7d23 of Turn 7 at River Bluff Weyr. He is everything his mother and father hoped for.

Due to her pregnancy, Ameala's weyrling training was slightly delayed and instead of graduating with her class, she finished a few months later.

At the start of month 12 Turn 7, Ameala, Fitchan, and Metchan moved to Dolphin Cover Weyr

Family and Friends
Fitchan, 29, Junior Journeyman, Elsewhere on Pern (Husband)
Metchan, 4, Infant (Son)

Dragon's Name: Ingoth
Dragon's Age: 4
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Hatched month 2 day 25 of Turn 7

Approved: July 8th 2012
Last updated: October 30th 2015

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