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Persona Profile: J'nor


Name: J'nor
Age: 25
Birthday: m1 d11
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Job: Blue Weyrling
Craft: Tailor
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (May 2011)

Physical Description of Persona:
J'nor is of above average height, standing about 6'4", with a slender build. His hair is blonde, about ear-length, and is perpetually tousled in a deliberate sort of fashion. His facial features are somewhat feminine, being both small and angular, making him appear more "pretty" than masculine. His eyes are almond-shaped, and are brown in color, much to his dismay. He would much rather them be a color that was more noteworthy and attractive. He is long-limbed, and walks with an easy grace and good posture indicative of confidence and self-assurance. He has worked with his hands all his life, and as such has long, quick, nimble fingers.

Being a Journeyman Tailor, J'nor knows how to make clothing that fits his form well, and complements his coloring. As a result, he typically wears fitted clothes of earth tones - dark greens, browns, darker reds, etc. His favorite color is a dark burnished orange - another color that looks quite nice on him. Many of the marks that he comes across in practicing his craft get turned right back in to fabric, wherhide, beads, and other supplies to complement his wardrobe. Recently, he has struggled to incorporate Zoranaith's deep blue coloring into his wardrobe, even though it isn't the most flattering color on him. J'nor's voice is a pleasant tenor, and he speaks firmly, with confidence. He is often surrounded by others, as he doesn't much care for being alone.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jerenor is loud, flamboyant and outgoing. He doesn't necessarily need to be the center of attention, but he does want to be involved in whatever it is that is going on at a given time. If no one else takes charge of a situation, he quickly will, but he will not challenge it if someone else decides to take control first. He is extremely creative, and is the type of person that would be described as a dreamer. He daydreams frequently, mostly of nobly facing Thread atop a dragon of his very own. He has high manual dexterity, and is quite good at anything that involves his hands. In addition to practicing his craft as a Tailor, he is also good at carving small figurines out of whatever material he can get ahold of, and burning elaborate designs into wherhide.

Jerenor is a somewhat needy person - he needs other people around in order to be happy. So long as he is surrounded by others, he is cheerful, optimistic, and impossible to bring down. When alone, he often is quiet, reflective and sometimes downward spirals into depression. As a result, he is quite the accomplished bedhopper - near daily finding a new "friend" to dally with. He has problems with the concepts of commitment though, and rarely sticks to any one lover for an extended period of time. He also has issues with honesty, in that he is nearly incapable of being honest to most people that he meets. He is constantly inventing stories of things that aren't true, especially when it comes to wooing the affections of others. Fortunately, he is somewhat accomplished at it, so he doesn't get caught. Often.

History of Persona:
Jerenor was born to a Seamstress and a Hold Guard at Amber Hills Hold. His mother was 16 turns old when he was born, and was a small, sickly girl. As a result, she did not survive labor. As such, he was taken care of by a foster mother, and raised with many other Hold children. He was frequently surrounded by other children, and was often leading "expeditions" to explore the Hold and the surrounding area. He soon realized that a quick blinking of the eyelashes and a solemn pout would get him out of most trouble, as many of the Hold women felt a fondness towards the charming young child.

At 12 turns he would Apprentice as a Tailor. He was a decent student, but still got into a lot of trouble, and often was doing extra chores as a result. Despite this, he maintained high spirits, and saw it as somewhat of a game. He also became being interested in the other gender, and was frequently seen "entertaining" the girls of the Hold. He would walk the tables at 18 turns, and would be Searched by Dragonsfall Weyr a few sevendays later. When he arrived at the Weyr, his womanizing ways and leadership traits had betting men pegging him as a bronzerider, but when the day of the Hatching came, J'nor would walk confidently over to accept Zoranaith as his lifemate. Now, he struggles to balance Weyrling training, caring for his dragon, and making a few extra marks here and there with trying to figure out what Impressing blue really means to him...

Family and Friends
Jeremias, 46, Hold Guard (Father)

Dragon's Name: Zoranaith
Dragon's Age: 6
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
A deep, faultless, midnight blue color, Zoranaith is quite a site to behold. From his hatching, it was clear that he was going to grow to be large for a blue, as he is already quite the big weyrling. He is well proportioned, but a little more slender than is typical for a blue dragon.

Zoranaith's personality is still being formed, but it is clear that he is every bit as outgoing as his rider. He will talk to any dragon about anything, and makes both friends and conversation well. He is extremely playful, and likes tussling with his siblings, even though some of them may be a good deal larger than he is.

Approved: September 2nd 2010
Last updated: June 30th 2014

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