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Persona Profile: Cardella



Name: Cardella
Age: 22
Birthday: m1 d5
Rank: Wingrider, Sienna Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Baker
Craft Rank: Student

Crayon Awards: Favorite Characters We Miss (November 2011)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Victim (March 2011)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (September 2010)

Physical Description of Persona:
Cardella stands at a petite 5í1Ē tall and weighs approximately 115 pounds. Her wavy brown hair hangs down past her shoulders and contains hints of red highlights throughout. These highlights are more visible when Cardella spends more time in the sun. Her skin is fair and she has a clear complexion. Her hazel-brown eyes often shine brightly when she is happy and excited. She isnít overly muscular, nor is she skinny and thin. Her body has begun to grow the curves of a young woman starting to blossom, even though Cardella is a bit of a late bloomer. She will never be full figured or well-endowed, but rather very ordinary. As a child she was considered rather homely in comparison to her taller, rather voluptuous older sisters.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Cardella has never seen herself as beautiful, having her mother and older sisters to compare herself to all her life. They each seemed perfectly made in her eyes, and even though they never made her feel less because of her darker hair and fair complexion, Cardella had eyes of her own and could see the differences. If you told her she was beautiful, she would scoff at you, for she would not believe it, thinking you were making fun. Overall though, she is a happy, friendly person, but she can often revert into a more introverted self when faced with new situations or arguments of any sort. Cardella absolutely hates having to disagree with others. This trait has often led her to become a bit of a walking mat for some as they learn they can take advantage of her generous and willing nature. She would do anything to help another, even if it meant losing sight of herself. Cardella often puts others before herself.

Deep down inside, however, Cardella is a very passionate, fiery person just waiting to find her wings in the world. She will work hard at any task until she excels, often to the point of seeming as though she is trying to please.

History of Persona:
Born the 5th of 7th children to a Minor Holder and his wife, Cardella actually had a very pleasant childhood, for the most part. Her siblings were just as siblings should be, friendly sometimes, teasing and annoying at other times. Unlike her other siblings however, Cardella was quite a bit shyer, preferring to sit back and watch rather than get involved straight away.

As she began to grow up, Cardella became known as the peacemaker of the hold children. She hated arguments and would give in often in order to keep the peace among her siblings, due in part to her being one of the many middle children of the family. It wasnít until the hold brought on some young fosterling boys that Cardella learned what real teasing could be. This was when she really began to see herself as different than her sisters, more comely, more plain. Though the taunts and teases tossed her way hurt, Cardella never fought back and never let on how much the words bothered her. Instead, she looked for ways to stay away from them. She found this inside the hold.

Cardella would sit for hours and watch many of the women workers of the hold, trying to learn what tasks they were doing. She learned some rudimentary weaving skills, some basic ways to recognize herbs for healing and cooking, and even a bit about the beasts of the hold from her brother, Bryler, who often took her under his wing and let her sit with him as he worked.

Yet, the one thing Cardella found fascinating was the holdís kitchen. She didnít spend much time there, but it was always a flurry of activity, almost scary at times to her oft-times timid personality.

When her father informed her that she would be going to study at the Bakercraft Hall, not as an apprentice, for females were not permitted to become apprentices, but rather as a student, she was shocked and even afraid. Her father had watched his young daughter and hoped that this opportunity would give her the courage and confidence he knew she had inside her, but had not yet found in herself.

Cardella did not want to leave the safety and comfort of the home she knew, but she would do anything to please her father. So off to the Bakercraft Hall she went to study under the tutelage of Hallmaster Hariton. Just as she had been back at her familyís hold, Cardella worked hard and did all she could to please those whom she studied under and worked with at the Hall.

Cardella soon loved her new home just as much as she had loved her familyís hold. Cardella learned everything she could, absorbing every morsel of knowledge and tucking it away and practicing it to perfection. Cardella had begun to blossom in her studies and grow confidence in her skills at the craft. Though she could never be a true ranking member of the craft, she worked just as hard and diligently as the male apprentices and journeyman, many times even out-performing them in the tasks.

When Cardella turned 16, most of the other female students returned to their holds to marry and start lives of their own. Cardella was worried. Once more change was on the horizon for her and she felt her confidence waning. Her father, coming to see her, realized how much she loved the art of using her hands to craft wonderful foods for others and not having been able to secure any marriage arrangements for her yet, agreed to let her stay on at the Hall.

Being one of only a few senior students, Cardella was able to really shine throughout the year, working nearly one-on-one to master the art of cooking and baking. However, change was on the horizon for Cardella, but not the change she had expected. Just two months prior to her 17th Turn, Cardella found herself joining Dragonsfall Weyr to bring the skills of the Bakercraft Hall to the Weyr, and because a rider who had stopped by the Hall saw something in her that no one else had seen. Cardella had the makings of a candidate. So now she finds herself trying to adjust to her new life at the Weyr, so very different from the lives she has led at hold and hall in the past.

Family and Friends
K'ale, 25, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Friend)
G'wen, 22, Wingrider, Sienna Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Friend)
Tomat, 59, Holder at Three Mounds Minor Hold (Father)
Lalani, 50, Wife of Tomat (Mother)
Gamal, 30, Heir to Three Monds Hold (Brother)
Brylar, 29, Journeyman Beastcrafter (Brother)
Brinta, 28, Wife of Fanatal (Sister)
Ablina, 25, Wife of Rogert (Sister)
Naren, 19, Apprentice Tanner (Brother)
Jolie, 17, At home at Three Mounds Hold (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Awenth
Dragon's Age: 5
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Awenth was born of Gold Genith and Bronze Nirreth.

Awenth is rather small for a green. Her hide is a rather bright green color (similar to the color Kelly Green) with dark mottled spots on her hind legs and down her spine.

Awenth is a quiet leader in her own right. In her heart she is driven to be the best she can be, but her somewhat relaxed and quieter nature make her more likely to nudge or guide someone to find their way rather than command or order them.

Awenth is loyal to a fault and will do anything for those who are near and dear to her heart.

She will however, develop a rather flirtatious demeanor as she matures. She will find herself enjoying the company of _all_ the male dragons, but hardly ever will she act out in jealously. She knows her own strength and beauty and does not fault the others for their gifts, just so long as the males are willing to enjoy her company.

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Last updated: March 2nd 2016

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