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Persona Profile: Warran


Name: Warran
Age: 63
Birthday: m4 d17
Rank: Senior Journeyman Harper
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Warran exercises frequently, to the amusement of the apprentices, as he believes it improves his breath control, and as a result is strong and sturdily built, giving the impression of greater height than he truly has. He has dark brown eyes and fair hair cropped short, still showing little sign of grey hairs. A rounded face and cheeks give him a rather boyish look despite his years.

Emotional Description of Persona:
People are often surprised by how quiet a man with such a big voice turns out to be. Warran works hard where his own speciality is concerned, but - sometimes to the consternation of the Vocal Master - emphasizes enthusiasm and feeling over detailed study of technique in his teaching.

History of Persona:
Born on a busy farm hold, Warran was a bright and cheerful child, but although he dreamed of travelling he never thought he'd go far from his home. When he was eleven, though, a small group of travellers arrived at the hold and changed his life forever.

They were afraid of being driven from the hold and so did not reveal that they'd escaped the quarantine at their home until it was too late. Plague devastated the hold, leaving few alive. Warran survived but his family did not. Once the threat of disease had diminished, the hold was shut as too few people remained to maintain it, and Warran was fostered at Emerald Falls Hold.

He never became close to his foster parents and almost a Turn later he apprenticed at the Harper Hall. At first he was unwilling to learn since he'd wanted to join the healer craft, but was persuaded otherwise by the harpers who thought his vocal talents merited development.

Warran was delighted to find that his first journeying assignment was to the home hold of one of the paying students at the Hall, Jerhani, who he'd much admired over her time at the Hall. Then he received an unusual request from one of his fellow journeyman, Ryndel - to switch assignments. Regretfully, since he was aware of the love between Ryndel and Jerhani, he agreed, accepting a gitar Ryndel had crafted in return.

He kept it only long enough to give back to Ryndel as a wedding present and remains a close family friend. He has never married and his attraction to Jerhani is his closest-kept secret - even more so now that Ryndel has risen to Hallsecond rank.

Approved: August 11th 2005
Last updated: August 11th 2005

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