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Persona Profile: Aileyan

Writer: Paula

Name: Aileyan
Age: 24
Birthday: m10 d17
Rank: Wingrider, Sienna Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

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Physical Description of Persona:
Aileyan is small, bit over five feet tall and graceful. She has dark klah-brown, long and curling hair she keeps in tight braid or pony-tail when on duty. She has triangular face with large hazel eyes with thick and long eyelashes. Her mouth is shaped like rosebud and her facial structure is very fine and delicate.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Aileyan has grown in the shadow of her older sister, shunned and unloved.
She suffered from a lack of self-confidence and she had low self-esteem. She believed she's dull and unattractive person, which she wasn't. In truth, she's very bright and passionate person, but a lifetime of being down-trodden had affected her, made her shy and withdrawn. She has lot of suppressed feelings inside her (including hate). She is mathematically talented.

After her arrival to the weyr, she had managed to build some self-confidence and become more open towards people, even forming tentative friendships'. The birth of her son and other happenings in her life have taught her happiness and confidence. She no longer same girl she was when she came to the weyr. Recently, after Yanrik left the weyr, Aileyan felt abandoned and betrayed and something inside her turned stone.

History of Persona:
Aileyan was born in a Harper Hall, her father was presumed to be harper Eilomar. She had an older sister but no brothers. Her mother had difficulties having children. All her life, Ai-leyan had been compared to her sister and found wanting. Whatever she did, her mother never approved and never showed any affection towards her. When there was a visitor, she was ushered to the kitchen and hidden away. Her father simply ig-nored her and her sister, since they were not boys. Her sister Eilowyn could occasion-ally be nice to her but those moments were rare. Most of the time she was bullying and belittling her little sister.

The reason why Aileyan was so shunned was because her father isn't really her father. Her mother had little "sidestep" and Aileyan was sired by another man.
Aileyan was Searched when she and her family travelled to Amethyst Cliff Hold, where her sister was married with local holder. After the earthquake they moved to Amber Hills Hold.

Aileyan found out she liked the weyrlife, becoming happier than ever before. Her parents visited her on their way back to Harper Hall and wanted her to return home with then. Aileyan refused to leave, stayed at the weyr and Impressed the green Kjarliheth.

As a result of Kjarliheth's first mating flight, Aileyan has found herself pregnant. She gave birth to her son Ravyan, She also discovered her real father, a certain weyrbred journeyman harper, who also moved to Dragonsfalls weyr.
But troubles in her father's marriage made him seek assignment outside the Weyr and Aileyan felt abandoned, even if she knew it had nothing to do with her. Her mental growth took a steps backwards
and she became reticient once again.

Family and Friends
Eilomar, 72, Master Harper, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (step-father)
Ravyan, 8, Weyrbrat (son)
Eilowyn, 26, Hold resident (sister)
Ailewyn, 49, Hall resident (mother)
Ailewyn, 49, Hall resident (mother)

Dragon's Name: Kjarliheth
Dragon's Age: 8
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m13 d8
Description of Dragon:
Like her rider, Kjarliheth is small and graceful, with very delicate and fragile looking wings. Her colour is the green of new spring grass with slightly paler shaded bellyside and almost translucent wingsails. She is a very beautiful little green and knows it. Kjarliheth is much stronger than her fragile looks tell, but she is still a small green and lacks the stamina of greater dragons. On the other hand, she is very fast and agile.
Emotionally Kjarliheth is self-confident, dainty, affectionate, outgoing and flirty. She has healthy amount of vanity in her personality. Her attitude towards her rider is loving, protective and bit bossy.

She can be both incredible wise and amazingly silly, sometimes even at the same time.

Kjarliheth knows she's perfect and with her equally perfect rider, they are best pair in whole Pern.


Timor-, Brown Firelizard: aged 8, hatched m6 d1
Timor is exact same shade of brown than Aileyan's hair. It's hard to say whether he's Aileyan's flit or Kjarliheth's flit, since he spends lot of time with the green dragon. He likes to hide among Aileyan's hair and people rarely notice him when he's present, 'cause he doesn't make much noise. He's unusually quiet for a flit.

Approved: April 16th 2007
Last updated: June 5th 2012

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