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Persona Profile: Lerra


Name: Lerra
Age: 71
Birthday: m9 d20
Rank: Ship Crew
Location: Elsewhere on Pern

Physical Description of Persona:
Were it not for her sun-weathered skin, Lerra could easily be mistaken for a much younger woman--albeit, one who is no stranger to hard work. Her body is whiplash muscle over bone with very little flesh and almost no feminine curves. Endless turns in the sun have given her a deep, dusky tan that never quite fades, along with wrinkles at the corner of her ice blue eyes. Whatever color her hair once was, it has long since turned completely silver. She never allows it to grow too long, hating the trouble of keeping it out of her eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Lerra doesn't just seem as hard as iron--she is. Though she suffers the same insecurities as all people, she learned early in life that it was better to face them and overcome them than to leave yourself open to vulnerability. No secret doubts or undiscovered trauma lurk beneath the surface, and it gives her a confidence and focus that is more than a little intimidating.

Although she enjoys men a great deal, Lerra has no use for them as romantic partners. Any need for companionship and affection is easily filled by her first mate, and no one has any chance of usurping his place as her only friend and confidant. There have been plenty of men willing to take care of her physical needs over the turns, but any who hoped for special treatment or lasting romance were sorely disappointed.

History of Persona:
Lerra grew up on the sea, and has never felt entirely comfortable on land. The thought of being too far from the water is the only thing that makes her truly nervous in life, and she has done everything in her power to ensure that she hasn't had to.

Although she'd learned how to sail almost before she knew how to walk, her parents insisted that Lerra leave their ship to apprentice at the Seacraft Hall. The timing was terrible... just a few turns into her tenure as an apprentice the plague devastated the South and Lerra was ordered to marry and have children. Any chance she had of returning to her parents ship was destroyed--her father had taken sick in port and died within a sevenday of her mother.

Instead of allowing her remaining uncle to find a proper match for her, Lerra packed her few belongings and went to visit an old friend of her father. Within a turn, she was on a ship again--this time aboard a smuggling vessel. It was a rough and unpleasant life, dominated by rough and unpleasant men, but Lerra did what she had to do to get by. And she made plans.

It took nearly thirty turns for her plans to be realized, but with the assistance of a loyal friend and no small amount of ruthlessness, Lerra eventually gained control of her own ship. Named the Silver Sails, Lerra's ship operates on just the wrong side of the law. Lerra's own tendencies could have easily pushed her over the edge into activities far less honorable, but the steady influence of her first mate has delayed her decline into outright piracy. So far.

Family and Friends
Jerroll, 63, Ship First Mate, Elsewhere on Pern (First Mate)

Approved: December 19th 2006
Last updated: August 17th 2016

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