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Persona Profile: Jerroll


Name: Jerroll
Age: 63
Birthday: m6 d24
Rank: Ship First Mate
Location: Elsewhere on Pern

Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Male Persona (August 2008)

Physical Description of Persona:
Dark blue eyes to match the sea and hair that has stayed dark despite long hours spent in the sun compliment Jerroll's handsome face. His tall, strong body has gotten him mistaken for a dragonrider a few times and made more than a few people think twice about crossing him. Various scars decorate his skin marks of a life spent on the edges of society.

Emotional Description of Persona:
In contrast to his chosen profession, Jerroll has a strong sense of fairness and loyalty. A free spirit with a love of adventure, he has enough intelligence to get him out of most of the trouble he gets himself into. With his looks and charm, it isn't surprising that he has a lover in nearly every port, and has left a trail of angry men and broken hearts behind him

History of Persona:
Growing up, Jerroll would never have expected to lead a life on the sea. But a string of circumstances left him aboard a stolen ship and he took to a pirate's life quite easily. Finding the right Captain to follow proved to be much more difficult, until he met Lerra. She got him out of a very tight spot and earned his loyalty. Jerroll ensures that his Captain is respected and her orders obeyed, by force if necessary.

Approved: December 27th 2006
Last updated: January 22nd 2012

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