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Persona Profile: J'lai


Name: J'lai
Age: 45
Birthday: m2 d17
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
J'lai is a man who looks tall and dark, though unfortunately for him there is nothing particularly handsome about the set of his features. He has curly black hair, dusky skin and eyes the color of the darkest klah. He enjoys completing the picture by dressing in dark colors that sometimes make him seem like a shadow.

Tall and lanky, J'lai's strength is deceptive. Although he is probably just as strong as his fellow bronzeriders, his height makes him seem disproportionately slight from a distance. When standing next to him, though, there's little chance of not noticing how he tends to tower over those around him. Still, the teasing of his youth left him struggling to put ever more muscle on his lean frame, as childhood jibes about looking scrawny and underfed have never really faded.

Emotional Description of Persona:
J'lai is a man with a temper that is quick to rile and slow to fade. An insult or slight will not be forgotten, no matter how long it takes J'lai to get around to seeking revenge. Offenses real and imagined tend to be met with hostility, and J'lai can lose his temper as quickly over a slight to a friend or loved one as he does to one directed towards himself.

Though often accused of being cruel or vindictive, J'lai is neither of these things. Instead, he is simply supremely self-absorbed. It is sometimes hard for him to understand feelings that don't affect him directly, even though he fancies himself an intuitive sort of person. Being the focus of his affection, however, can be uncomfortable. J'lai cares for others rarely, but when he does it is with the same all-consuming absorption that he loves himself.

History of Persona:
Born the youngest of five sons, Jalamanai enjoyed a common upbringing in a minor hold in Garnet Valley territory. Huge hands and feet left him clumsy as an adolescent and constantly harassed and teased by his elder brothers. His height shot up far faster than his body could compensate for, leaving him looking scrawny and underfed most of his adolescence.

His height brought him one boon: he always seemed quite a bit older than he was. By fifteen he had learned that ladies didn't find his large hands or wide shoulders unpleasant at all, nor did he have to worry over much about clumsiness while tucked in a hayloft or stretched out against a cot wall.

Wide guileless eyes and youth let him get away with his games for far longer than he might have otherwise, but eventually his father discovered that no less than three women had already given birth to illegitimate sons, with several more married women suffering suspicion from their husbands.

Whether Jalamanai would have been found on Search eventually became a moot point, his father requested a dragonrider come and take his son to a place where his attitudes might be a bit more acceptable. The rumor that Jalamanai got rousing approval from his womanizing father behind closed doors circulated the holding for a long time, but the mothers of Jalamanai's children were quietly paid off once he'd been sent away and eventually people forgot about him.

Though he Impressed a bronze at his first Hatching, Jalamanai showed poor leadership skills and made few friends in his weyrling group. His habit of getting into disagreements and outright fights with his wingmates has forced him to watch as younger men are promoted above him. After a particularly nasty feud with a brownrider, J'lai was forced to visit River Bluff's resident mindhealer and undergo sessions in anger management. The indignity and humiliation is something he has never forgotten, but the sessions seem to have cooled his temper somewhat... for now.

Dragon's Name: Wasvisath
Dragon's Age: 26
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Wasvisath treats his riders constant grudges with bemused affection. Though the bronze knows that it is foolish for his rider to spend so much time plotting revenge, he also knows that the people on the recieving end are people who have hurt J'lai. Because he loves his rider with unwavering devotion, he sometimes can be talked into doing things he might usually disapprove of.

Approved: November 8th 2006
Last updated: February 2nd 2008

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