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Persona Profile: Sh'larn


Name: Sh'larn
Age: 27
Birthday: m7 d15
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Standing at 5'8, Shailarn isn't extremely tall. He's average or leans more toward the small side. Thin, almost gaunt, and very wiry, Shailarn doesn't have much noticeable muscle. But that doesn't mean he isn't strong; far from it. Shailarn can work all day for candlemarks on end doing heavy manual tasks.

Shailarn has light olive skin that always burns before it tans. His arms are covered in a light dusting of freckles which like the ones across his nose and cheeks multiply when exposed to much sun. Shailarn has light golden brown hair that is fond of sticking up in air haphazardly no matter what he does to keep it down. When it's wet it curls around his face tightly. Shailarn has a heart-shaped face with a broad forehead that tapers down to a small, what some would call stubborn, chin. He has high angular cheekbones tinted slightly pink. Shailarn often complains they make him look like a girl. He has large oval-shaped hazel eyes, a perfect mixture of green and brown. His eyes change color with his emotions; darkening to a deep brown flecked with green when angry or sad and turning an almost bright jade color when happy or content. His eyes are very expressive with every emotion he is feeling seen clearly in his eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Shailarn for the most part is very happy and carefree. At the same time he is prone to quick and drastic mood swings; going from one minute happy to the next very angry. Shailarn doesn't really have a temper and usually keeps it well in check. But beware if Shailarn's temper ever erupts. When angry he can burn a person's ears worse than Threadscore and can hold a grudge that can last until the end of Pern. At first Shailarn was very quiet and closed about his sexuality. He came to accept it and is very open and upfront about it now.

History of Persona:
Shailarn was born the oldest and only son of a family of small holders beholden to Jade Harbor Hold. As the oldest and only son Shailarn was doted upon by his parents and was expected to be perfect in everything he did. For the most part Shailarn managed to live up to his parents' expectations. He was apprenticed to the Healer Hall when he Turned twelve and did well in his classes there. He received a firelizard egg from his father soon after his apprenticeship started. From it hatched a bronze firelizard he named Frisk. Early in his teenage years Shailarn's sexuality became known much to his parents horror and disgust. Hurt by his parents' disaprovement, Shailarn moved to River Bluff Weyr hoping to be accepted there. Soon after he arrived at the Weyr he met a bluerider by the name of R'war. He fell in love with R'war and they quickly became weyrmates. He dearly hopes that he will Impress though he knows his and R'war's relationship will have to be suspended because of it.

Family and Friends
R'war, 8, Bluerider (Weyrmate)
Kalarn, 8, Small holder Riak Hold (Father)
Shaina, 9, Holder's wife Riak Hold (Mother)
Shakaila, 9, Hold resident (Sister)
Lairasha, 8, Hold resident (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Tiamyth
Dragon's Age: 10
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Tiamyth can always make her rider laugh, even when he slips into one of his darker moods. Her deep love and adoration of her rider is second only to her love and adoration of male dragons.


Frisk, Bronze Firelizard: aged 15, hatched m12 d2
Frisk is large for a bronze firelizard as big as some small gold firelizards. His hide is a very dark coppery bronze. His wings a shade lighter than the rest of his body. Frisk has a very compact powerful built. He has a large head, deep wide chest and a relatively short back. Yet somehow he manages to escape the appearance of being chunky. He has a slight green tinge to his muzzle, flanks, wither and shoulders. His stomach is dappled with lighter bronze shadings and his hide fades to an almost golden bronze on the underside of his belly. Frisk lives up to his name. He is a very energetic, independant, and curious firelizard. He just loves to be where the action is and often disapears from Shailarn suddenly to go investigate whatever is happening. Though not an overly troublesome firelizard his nosiness sometimes does get him into trouble.

Approved: November 29th 2005
Last updated: November 29th 2005

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