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Persona Profile: Talmune


Name: Talmune
Age: 75
Birthday: m11 d27
Rank: Master of Apprentices
Location: Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Artist

Physical Description of Persona:
Talmune was fairly tall in his day, but is saddened to see that either the apprentices are getting taller or he is getting shorter, and at 66
tunrs he's pretty sure its a little bit of both. His sandy blonde hair turned grey turns and turns before, and worry lines are etched along his
forehead, along with smile and laughlines surrounding his blue-grey eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Like his charcoal sketches, Talmune sees the world in black and whites with a few shades of grey. His eyes seem to catch the finest details, and he can render extremely life-like renditions just the way they are. He does not embellish, and he does not gloss over. This artist sees things the way they are, and leaves dreaming of the way they _could_ be
to the daydreamers.

He takes the same attitude towards the apprentices he has under his charge - if their actions are worthy of praise he praises freely, and if
they are worthy of punishment he punishes them fairly. There are no grey areas.

Talmune can remember the days when women taught and learned alongside men, and so he has no qualms about a woman crafter. However, he also remembers when the Weyrs were not to be trusted. The master has strong opinions about Weyrs and is not afraid to speak his mind. Now that they are to _live_ at the Weyr he feels it is his duty to protect the apprentices from the scandalous side of Weyrlife.

History of Persona:
He started life in the shadow of the Harper Hall, being born at Emerald Falls Hold. His talent at drawing realistic and lifelike drawings of the world around him was recognised at an early age and his parents were eager to have a trained Harper in the family. Talmune spent a typical life as an apprentice, making mischief with his friends and life miserable for his instructors.

When Talmune graduated to journeyman, the Hall began putting his talents to work. He was sent to major events to record them through his true to life renditions - marriages, disasters, Hatchings, landscapes. His skill and ambition helped him earn his Master's knots at 34 turns.

Once he had achieved that goal he finally felt ready to settle down and begin a family with a woman he had originally instructed in drawing - Barean. They have had a happy and comfortable marriage with three beautiful children. Talmune proved to be a strict, yet loving father.

When the Hallmaster was in need of a new Master of Apprentices, the artist seemed to be a good choice. He was confident that Talmune could bring the same discipline and care to the apprentices of the Hall as he did to raising his own family. However, now that they have moved to the Weyr he mistrusts, some wonder just how tightly he will try to reign his apprentices in.

Family and Friends
Barean, 62, Hall Resident (Wife)
Bamuna, 42, Hold Resident (Daughter)
Balmune, 39, Sr. Jr. Harper (Son)
Talbar, 36, Sr. Jr. Printer (Son)

Approved: October 26th 2005
Last updated: October 26th 2005

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