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Persona Profile: Nyblek


Name: Nyblek
Age: 23
Birthday: m2 d17
Rank: Junior Apprentice
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Nyblek is maturing at a young age. Already his shoulders have become broad and muscular and it seems he is destined to be slightly taller than average. He found it rather embarrassing that he was the first of the boys his age in the apprentice barracks to start shaving, which he has to do daily now. His brown eyes are soft and take in all the beauty around him, and his hair is dusty brown with golden highlights. It the right light it almost looks like the color of brass, fitting for a young smith.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Though he is naturally shy, his size has gained him the respect of other boys his age who seek him out as an ally. As a result, he is the boy who is most likely to be called upon to defend the younger apprentices from bullies. Though he is a fair hand at a fight, he would rather use his hands for creating something beautiful. As an apprentice he must study all aspects of the craft, but he can often be found hanging around the jewelers even after lectures are finished. He has many ideas for pieces he would like to make, but he is a perfectionist - too much so at times. It seems the jewelry he makes never quite turns out like he pictured it in his mind, and he finds that frustrating. Equally frustrating is the fact that he can't seem to get the fingers of his large hands to make the delicate movements required a jeweler. Though the journeymen assure him that he will grow into them, he is sometimes lacking in confidence. But a kind word usually sets him to smiling again.

History of Persona:
Along with his nine siblings, Nyblek was raised by an aunt after his mother died. He barely remembers his mother, but he has fond memories of his family. Though he tended to get lost behind all the other children, he always strove for his father's approval.

As he reached the end of his time in harper classes, he was already bigger than most the boys his age. Though his father thought the boy might make a good guard like himself, when a journeyman from the smithcraft hall approached and asked if he had ever considered making his son a smith his father changed his mind. He called Nyblek to him, one of the few moments that the boy was actually sought out by his father, and asked him if he would like to apprentice to the neighboring crafthall after his classes were through. The young boy was so pleased to have his father's attention he would have agreed to anything at that moment. And so it was that as soon as his studies were finished he entered in to the smithcraft without any particular thought to what he actually wanted to _do_ with it. Despite his size and strength, he was surprised to realize it was the finer art of jewelry making that held special interest for him. He has thrown himself into studying the finer points of making the delicate pieces as much as he can. Though he is often under punishment for one brawl or another, he has found that really he likes life at the smith hall.

Nyblek's brawling ways finally caught up with him, however. One night, while walking over to his sister's cot in the dark, at least three older boys grabbed the young apprentice and beat him severely. He stayed in the infirmary for a couple sevendays while he recovered, but he still does not know who did it to him, or if they might do it again...

Family and Friends
Keles, 26, Hall Resident, Elsewhere on Pern (Sister)
Jorles, 48, GVH Guard (Father)
Kelbyn, 47, Deceased (Mother)
Kelwyn, 10, Hall resident (Nephew)


Famish, Brown Firelizard: aged 8, hatched m10 d22
As his name would suggest, Famish is always hungry! He can often be found begging for treats and scraps or lying lazily with an engorged belly. His eating habits can even put his growing boy lifemate to shame. Nyblek loves him even if he is a cheeky begger. Hopefully Famish never asks the grumpy Hallmaster for a bite...

Approved: August 15th 2005
Last updated: November 16th 2009

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