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Persona Profile: Eioval

Writer: Cymiri

Name: Eioval
Age: 34
Birthday: m10 d16
Rank: Senior Journeyman Harper
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Artist
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Artist

Physical Description of Persona:
Eioval is a thin, long and wiry man. His long blonde hair only further enhances his lanky image. He's got a long, oval-shaped face with dark but thin eyebrows above a pair of sparkling blue eyes. He radiates calmness and has a gentle, somewhat dreamy tone of voice. His clothes are usually loose-fitting but with extremely flattering low V-necks. He always carries a small bag containing his sketchpad and pencils and usually sports some errant paint-marks on his clothes or skin.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Eioval is a whimsical, gentle natured artist hilariously offbeat to most who meet him. While he is very talented in his craft, he his more than happy to remain a Journeyman. This is mostly because Eioval is very content in his own little world and doesn't need much to be happy. When he feels, he does so deeply, though very negative emotions seem to elude him, sometimes to the frustration of those around him. Despite this laid-back attitude, Eioval does have a stubborn streak to him, but more in the way that he doesn't seem to understand 'no' rather than he would knowingly ignore someone's objections.

History of Persona:
Born and raised a Weyr-child at then River Bluff Weyrhold, Eioval never knew any better than that he was always surrounded by a great, warm family. Though his parents, both riders, didn't have much time for him, there were plenty of people who did and he grew up to be quite a happy young man. His talent for the fine arts showed early on and he joined the Harpers quickly after turning twelve. He never once considered standing instead of crafting, declaring to anyone who asked he was perfectly happy being just one person and didn't need a dragon inside his head as well.
Of course puberty hit and he had a few heart-breaks and scuffs, but he had his craft to pour his poor, crushed heart into. Once he reached Journeyman status he left the Weyr on occasion, but only for temporary assignments. His home was River Bluff and that was where he found his peace. It was after obtaining his Journeyman knots when he first met Reeva. The woman's passion and dedication enchanted him, like only opposites attract. It took him quite a lot of time, but eventually he won her affections - and her child. Though even after all this time their relationship doesn't seem to run inside any defined lines, it is obvious the two care about each other. Eioval certainly took his part in Reevan's education and he prides himself in the young boy's artsy expressions.

Family and Friends
Reeva, 44, Master Crafter, Dolphin Cove Weyr (mother of Reevan)
Reevan, 13, Child (son)

Approved: February 4th 2014
Last updated: July 5th 2017

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