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Persona Profile: Shyow

Writer: Jenah

Name: Shyow
Age: 24
Birthday: m10 d22
Rank: Tavern Server
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
Standing fairly short in stature, Shyow has brown, curly fly-away type hair. Her skin has an almost olive complexion and her eyes are slightly more oblong than round. Her eyes are a muted green in color. Her face, however, is not often what people notice first, but rather her ample bosom. Though small in height she is rather well endowed and knows how to use this to her advantage.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Shyow is a like a puzzle to unwrap. There are so many layers, that it is hard to know who the _real_ Shyow really is. She can be coy and rather flirtatious at times, but rather the opposite at other times.

History of Persona:
Shyow grew up on a farm in a minor cot-hold a ways from the main holds. Nothing much out of the ordinary has happened so far in her life.

At 19 Turns, she was hired as a Bar Server at the Vintner Hall Tavern. The amount of business the tavern has been doing has increased and she has therefore been given more responsibility of working in the Tavern most nights. She lives at the Hall most of the time, except when visiting her home. Of course, her newly discovered pregnancy may make that impractical in the near future.

Approved: February 7th 2013
Last updated: June 15th 2017

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