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Persona Profile: Makarl


Name: Makarl
Age: 50
Birthday: m9 d16
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Jeweler

Physical Description of Persona:
Makarl is, at first glance, tall and handsome enough. His nose is a bit too wide for true handsome-ness, but his features are regular and attractive enough for a man of his turns. His eyes are a deep shade brown that seems a bit washed out. His finely boned hands - they have the look of a surgeon's hands - are perhaps the only clue to his lifetime Craft, for he has neither the broad shoulders or large muscles of a Smith, yet he is a Master.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Makarl is a simple man. He enjoys creating beauty and beautiful things, like his wife. His intelligence is limited to his Craft and general Hall matters, and he is oblivious to most of the rest of Pern. He seeks to ever increase his standing as a Master Jeweler, and its true that his mark on a piece of jewelry is a mark of quality.

He appears to love his wife and adore his children to the public eye, yet in the privacy of their home, he always seems a bit befuddled by his role as Father and Husband and is easily manipulated by his pretty wife, Sinla, who is teaching her children to do the same to their poor father.

Some of his finest piece adorn the necks and wrists and fingers of his wife and his children, always making one-of-a-kind gifts for his family.

Beneath the surface - deep - he suspects his private life is a lie, and so he devotes his every bit of energy to creating Masterpieces worthy of his name.

History of Persona:
Makarl was born to a Mastersmith and his wife at the Smith Hall in Garnet Valley. He was the only son of the pair and neither father nor mother was surprised by his choice of Craft at 12. While his father was disappointed when his son grew tall and slender rather than large and muscular, he has never been disappointed by the evident amount of skill in Makarl's hands.

As a journeyman, he was stationed at Amethyst Cliff for a time, though he did not immediately began to seek his Mastery. He attained his Mastery only very recently with his tribute line of jewelry to the survivors of the earthquake that destroyed Amethyst Cliff.

It was during his early journeyman turns, as a Senior Journeyman, that he first laid eyes on Sinla, a young woman of breeding - clearly a Lady - and beautiful.

From the first time she smiled at him and complimented his pieces, he was hers to do with as she pleased. Willingly, almost, he was manipulated easily into marriage and his ambition to become the best Master Jeweler on Pern seemed to take birth at that time. It was only then he began to consider seeking his Mastery, but it was not until the earthquake that his inspiration came to be.

Prior to his marriage to Sinla, he seemed content with his lot in life as a Journeyman, assisting other masters in their works.

Somehow,though, his lovely wife opened his eyes to the world of luxury and prestige that a Master Jeweler may gain. In the following turns, children followed the normal course.

Turns later, he has definitely made his mark on Pern and he is very sought after as a Craftsman. His skill, combined with his wife's ambitions, have made this family as wealthy as a Master Craftsman Jeweler could be, currently living at Amber Hills Hold.

Family and Friends
Sinla, 42, Hold Resident, Amber Hills Hold (wife)

Approved: June 10th 2012
Last updated: March 12th 2016

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