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Persona Profile: Sinla


Name: Sinla
Age: 42
Birthday: m13 d26
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (August 2012)

Physical Description of Persona:
Sinla has the same clear blue eyes as her brother Chupsin, but in all other aspects the two look nothing alike. Sinla is a tall lady with long, wavy blond hair and fairly dark, expressive eyebrows. With perfect womanly curves, outwardly delicate manners and a life-long training in the womenly arts, she easily portrays herself as a perfect lady. Sinla always dresses properly, in long, flowing and tastefully embroidered dresses. She also has a great love for jewelry.

Emotional Description of Persona:
If you would have to describe Sinla in one word, it would have to be manipulative. Sinla is very skilled in getting people where she wants them. She has a great craving for luxury and will gladly manipulate the people around her to acquire more. Looks and charm are, in her opinion, the only weapons a woman possesses and she has no qualms about using hers to reach her private goals. While she may not love her husband, Sinla has a deep, unfailing love for her children. They are the only people she will gladly put above her own needs.

History of Persona:
Sinla is the eldest in a family of five children, three sisters and finally a younger brother followed her. From a young age, Sinla stuck to her mother like glue, being taught to be the perfect wife and mother from the moment she was old enough to hold a needle. Sinla was thankful for the training her mother gave her and she had the boys from the Hold wound around her delicate little finger from the start of puberty. She was very careful not to disgrace herself, though, and most of the eligible bachelors in the hold must have considered her a good match at some point. When Sinla finally did marry, it certainly wasn't for love, even if she gave a very good impression of it to her husband to be. The man she had chosen and conquered through intricate manipulation was wealthy and was sure to give her much of the luxuries she craved. However, over the turns Sinla's disinterest in her husband has grown into disdain and in silent moments of doubts she swears to herself that if it wasn't for her children, she'd likely go mad with her mundane little life.

Family and Friends
Genna, 20, Wingrider, A Wing, NPC Weyr (daughter)
Makarl, 50, Master Crafter, Amber Hills Hold (husband)
Chupsin, 33, Senior Journeyman Healer, Amber Hills Hold (brother)
Chaysea, 35, Hold Resident, Emerald Falls Hold (sister)

Approved: May 29th 2012
Last updated: November 25th 2014

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