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Persona Profile: Blayre


Name: Blayre
Age: 35
Birthday: m12 d22
Rank: Junior Journeyman Vintner
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Job: Junior Journeyman Vintner
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Blayre has a kindly appearance and his charm and wit is undeniably visible. His lithe build and somewhat boyish features give him the appearance of being far younger than his 30 Turns. His skin has retained a somewhat pale and creamy complexion. He attributes this fact to his work, lurking in cellars during the day or pushing the newest creations at parties which almost always occur after sun down. Blayre is also not terribly tall, standing somewhere a few inches shy of six foot. Rich brown hair, captivating green eyes, coupled with a soft face and pout complete the package and make him look far more innocent than really is.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Blayre takes life in general at an easy pace and believes that all good things come from honest work and a light heart. He thoroughly enjoys his craft and is dedicated to using his skills with wine to bring joy to others. Blayre sees himself a someone who is meant to bring others happiness. Blayre loves a good laugh and a good crowd. As someone who seeks to please others, Blayre is often left wanting for himself. This trait has burned him before and has caused Blayre to guard his heart more closely.

History of Persona:
Blayre was born to a normal Holder family in the North. He had several brothers and sisters as was the custom and was born somewhere in the middle of them all. Being raised at a proper Hold afforded him the chance at a good education. It also gave him the chance to meet all sorts of people. Blayre could often be found socializing with visitors to the Hold. When the time came for Blayre to chose between taking up a craft or choosing a wife, he chose to learn the life of a Vintner. Getting married didn't really appeal to Blayre, it just didn't seem right to him.

As he learned his craft, Blayre began to learn more about himself. He had always felt a little different from the other boys in his family and at the Hold. Hunting, farming, bedmates, these were not subjects that Blayre enjoyed. He tended to shy away from these topics and move on to other more interesting things. After walking the tables, he met a girl but not just any girl. Blayre learned more about himself from this relationship than the rest put together. Not only that but she was a bit of wounded soul who had led a very hard life. Blayre adored making her happy even if it meant he wasn't truly happy. After two Turns of courting the subject of marriage arose and Blayre had to refuse. Even though he knew she needed him, he just couldn't bring himself to marry. She left him and wasn't kind after the fact. Like others before her, she spread one rumor after another around the Hall. After attempting to recover the respect he once had, Blayre realized it was futile and requested a transfer South. When River Bluff Weyr was found lacking a good Vintner, Blayre was assigned and off on his way. Now that's he's arrived the South, Blayre is finding there is more to be learned than just new wines.

Approved: August 24th 2011
Last updated: February 23rd 2020

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