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Persona Profile: L'ris


Name: L'ris
Age: 22
Birthday: m2 d17
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Layris is short and stocky, around five and half feet tall. He has a coarse black hair and brown eyes with touch of amber in them. He keeps his hair short so it won't bother him while cooking. His skin is very fair, sun burning easily instead of tanning. His face is oval shaped and can only called plain. He is physically strong and not very agile; people often compare him to a herdbeast bull. Grown up in River Bluff, he's strong swimmer and good at water sports.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Some people mistake Layris for being slow. He rather keeps his mouth shut and eyes open and likes to think things through before speaking up or acting out. When he does open his mouth, he turns out to be keen observer and sharp-witted. Prudent and steadfast, Layris isn't easily provoked to anger. When he does lose his temper, he does it violently and he ends up doing something he regrets later. Among friends and family Layris is affectionate and loyal. He's the friend you can trust with your secrets.

History of Persona:
Layris is a illegitimate son of minor holder's daughter Laylati. His father's identity is unknown. Layati came to Weyr when she was pregnant. She was 16, unmarried, desperate and running away from her home. She gave birth and gave the baby name Layris. When Layris was three months old, she abandoned him and disappeared. Her current status and location are unknown. The baby was adopted by cook Jedun and his greenrider mate S'yod. Being male pair, this was their only way to have a child. Layris grew up having normal, happy weyrbrat-childhood. Jedun and S'yod made sure he knew his background and that he is loved.

When Layris came to the teens, he hesitated for long time between apprenticing to harpercraft, like S'yod or becoming cook like Jedun. In the end, cooking won. He has decent enough singing voice but no other harper-talents. He also started to Stand at the Hatchings as soon as he was old enough. So far, he has had no luck in Impressing, although he's not too worried about it yet. He still has several turns left to Stand. As far as his kitchen career goes, he's advanced to assistant cook. He did eventually Impress a brown, Tyerth.

Family and Friends
S'yod, 55, Rider of green Sireith (adoptive/foster parent)
Jedun, 48, Cook (adoptive/foster parent)

Dragon's Name: Tyerth
Dragon's Age: 5
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Tyerth is medium sized and stocky build like his rider. His hide is the yellow-brown colour known as ochre. It makes you think of the clay potters use. The back and ridges are more deeper brown ochre and the belly is almost yellow. As for the personality goes, he's lively, curious and friendly. He has tendency to stick his nose (or snout) into everyone else's business. His cheerful spirit isn't dampened by the occasional reprimands.

Approved: July 31st 2011
Last updated: May 6th 2015

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