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Persona Profile: E'ril


Name: E'ril
Age: 43
Birthday: m2 d4
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
E'ril's appearance can at times seem unkept. He often doesn't pay attention to detail where his appearance is concerned. His thick light brown hair is kept at a shorter length and his silvery blue eyes are framed by light wrinkles starting to show from age and sun. E'ril stands at the average height of 6'1" and keeps his build healthy yet lean. He has built the necessary muscle over his Turns as a dragonrider but is not overly concerned with fine tuning his body. He does have scaring from his Threadfall injury but thankfully still maintains good movement in the arm, though it does get a bit stiff from time to time. Usually he keeps some scruff on his face but he can take Turns away just with a quick shave. Altogether E'ril is not an off putting man by any means and is a friendly face at first glance.

Emotional Description of Persona:
E'ril tends to think of himself as a pious man. He does what he can to live cleanly, though at times less literally, and keep his conscious in tact. At times, life at the Weyr can be difficult for someone like E'ril. The bluerider can always be counted on to correct others when they are wrong, one of his more annoying traits, but in the friendliest way possible. As a worker, E'ril does what is asked of him to the best of his ability as would any dragonrider worth his dragon's shell. On the subject of love, E'ril tries to keep things running smoothly which over time for some can become boring, man or woman. His relationships normally start out just as nicely as any other but, as time pushes on, his way of doing things just isn't cutting it anymore and it's too little too late when E'ril does try and improve himself. All in all, E'ril is a friendly man and, to his Weyrlings, a fair man who can be counted on to settle disputes or be there just as a moral compass.

History of Persona:
Enril's history has much to do with his personality. He was the oldest of three brothers born to simple cotholders in the Emerald Falls territory. When his twin brothers were born Enril was already 6 Turns old and as the twins grew Enril became an authority figure. He was constantly
breaking up fights between the two and was the voice of logic and reason in the family. Much of his teaching was ignored by his family but not by the Hold's harper. Prior to arriving at the Hold Enril's education had been remedial and he had only been taught what was necessary to farm and herd. The Hold's harper was more than happy to have such a willing student and pressed Enril hard in his lessons. Grateful to be out of the fields, Enril immediately took to the teachings and adored grand stories of the colonists and ancestors from long ago. History became his passion which he hoped to someday cultivate into a specialty. It became Enril's goal to be apprenticed at the Harper Hall. After much discussion between Enril's family and the Hold's Masterharper, at the age of thirteen he did just that. Halfway through his Apprenticeship at the Harper Hall however, Enril was Searched for Dolphin Cove. As Enril had learned tradition historically dictated that when chosen by the dragons you heeded they're call. After failing to Impress at his first hatching, Enril chose to stay on at the Weyr. He worked with the records and hides at the Weyr until the next hatching. His real destiny was pointed out when Dawenth came wobbling into his life. Weyrlinghood passed quickly for the pair and life at the Weyr became busy. E'ril and Dawenth escaped serious injury for many Turns before a misjudged maneuver caused Thread to sear much of E'ril's right upper arm and shoulder and left a gash in Dawenth's blue hide. In the time
they were grounded for recovery, the pair became more social and E'ril found a new kinship with the younger riders of the Weyr. He enjoyed settling their disputes and relating their common experiences with the lessons learned in their history. This behaviour led to the pairs interest in becoming part of the Weyrlingstaff. For the moment, E'ril and Dawenth are part of the Weyrlingstaff but have eyes for bigger and better things.

Dragon's Name: Dawenth
Dragon's Age: 26
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Dawenth is an averagely sized blue and he finds nothing wrong with this. In the air, he's a sound flier and is able to execute most maneuvers without trouble. His hide is a darker blue overall except for under his paws and belly where the skin lightens up a bit. More of a dark teal blue, Dawenth is easily recognizable during the day and can be hard to spot at night.

Dawenth's personality matches his rider's in that he enjoys being the sound of reason and a good story. On the flip side however, he is much more sociable and not as serious as his lifemate. He tries to keep E'ril up to date in the happenings around the Weyr as he has given up trying to get his rider involved Turns ago. Every now and again though he can't help himself and stirs up some drama for his rider. He finds it keeps their relationship fresh.

Approved: April 22nd 2011
Last updated: March 26th 2013

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