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Persona Profile: Viriana


Name: Viriana
Age: 28
Birthday: m11 d12
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Job: Lower Caverns Worker

Physical Description of Persona:
Viriana's skin is the color of klah that has been given a lot of cream. Her hair is a tumble of loose dark brown curls striped through with many highlights that extends to just below her shoulders. Her body is tight and fit, with a long build and a proper amount of flesh from her years of tumbling. Her bright brown eyes shine with childish exuberance. She spends as much time on her hands as on her feet when walking. Her body is as limber as a young sapling.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Viriana loves her life. She takes what comes at her and makes the best of it. She keeps her deepest emotions to herself and tells few how she really feels. She's always ready with a smile and nod and people seek her out in confidence. Viri is always ready to please everyone, yet keeps a sense of detachment with most people, never truly becoming a close friend. It comes from her being a Trader all those years.

History of Persona:
Viriana was found on the side of the road in a whicker basket by a small Trader Caravan that took to heart the fact that caravans were often the closest thing to a Gather smaller Holds got and had developed a side attraction to bring the Holds a bit more excitement and them a few extra marks. For a cheap fee the caravan put on amateur but well performed "shows", where they had actors, singers and tumblers perform in the evening. No one knows who her parents really are, but she was raised by an elderly pair of ex-tumblers who were happy to raise another child.

She began performing at ten turns. She sang the back up lines with the other children and would show off the few tumbling tricks she could do. Her adoptive parents taught her all they knew about tumbling and performing and she became an accomplished actress and acrobat by 14. When Thread returned the caravan adopted the "side shows" as a regular occurrence, performing them at every Hold now, not just the back ones. Anything to help lighten the faces of desperate Holders.

Viri's "family" had stopped at a larger Hold to pick up supplies and trade as usual, but she was noticed by a Searchrider who had come back to visit family. The rider's dragon said she had potential and belonged in a Weyr. Viri refused at first, but with her family insisting that she deserved a better life than that of a Trader, no better than a drudge at times, she consented. She's been at River Bluff for two Turns, standing at a few of the Hatchings, and being left alone each time. She's told herself that if she doesn't Impress at the next one she's going back home.

Family and Friends
Carthan, 80, Trader (adoptive father)
Sesiri, 84, Trader (adoptive mother)
Kiiriasin, 29, Trader (childhood friend)

Approved: July 31st 2007
Last updated: February 23rd 2020

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