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Persona Profile: Zeindeyal


Name: Zeindeyal
Age: 26
Birthday: m10 d17
Rank: Senior Apprentice
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Zeindeyal is of a relatively slim and lean build, the muscles his does have come mainly from when he has been working metals, but as he is still fairly young he is bound to fill out more. His skin is a unusually pale for anyone living in the Southern Continent, but as he was born and raised for the first 17turns of his life in the Northern Continent it's no that uncommon for him. His face is comprised of relatively angler features that are in clear need of fleshing out in parts. Dispute this they tend to hold their own strange attraction; his shoulders are much the same way. Dark storm grey eyes are often bright points in his face and occasionally end up hidden behind an unruly tuff of charcoal coloured hair.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Always caring and an outgoing guy; he's been seen to have a lot of 'backbone' as it where as he sticks firmly to what he believes in and will often defend others should the occasion arise fore it. Zeindeyal can at times have a short tempter, but keeps it on a very short leash so not to lose it. He hardly ever questions people with the authority over him as he can some times been seen as fearful of their wrath. He is however a quick study and often likes ideals outside the norm. More of an idealism guy than most, his thinking has some time gotten him in trouble.

History of Persona:
Zeindeyal was born and raised in the Northern Continent. Zeindeyal was attracted to the idea of a being a Smith from very young age. His Mother was a Hold resident and encouraged his passion as his father was never really around to do so.

His older brother Denzaren, followed the footsteps of his father and became a Seacrafter, leaving Zeindeyal to become a Smith. As soon as he was able he joined the Smith craft. Being a quick study he was able to fit in at the Smith Hall quiet well and set to work learning the craft.

However in the last turn he was called back to his mother's hold as she was ill. After losing her he wasn't sure what to do with himself, all he had been himself. While he'd been contemplating it his brother had turned up and explained that he and his father planned to move to the Southern Continent. So Zeindeyal followed, boarded a ship with his father and brother and headed south; taking with him only his skills, memories and his mother's canine Ricochette.

Family and Friends
Zyaria, 53, Hold resident (Mother (dead))
Dentayial, 55, Seacrafter (Father)
Denzaren, 29, Seacrafter (Brother)


Ricochette, Canine: aged 12, born m2 d1
Ricochette is a dark grey Canine with a thick coat and heavy build; he stands about hip height to Zeindeyal, being a larger breed of Canine.

Approved: July 23rd 2007
Last updated: November 16th 2009

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