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Persona Profile: R'cha


Name: R'cha
Age: 33
Birthday: m3 d1
Rank: Wingrider, Ash Wing
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Woodsmith
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
R'cha stands at 6'2 and is well built, on the musclar side, but he's not overly so. Its the kind of muscles one gets that are a combo of genetics, his trade and now having been a dragonrider.

In terms of looks his face is all angles and sharp planes, with an angular jaw, high forehead and an angular nose. His cheek bones are high and chiseled looking. His face is softened a little by quite full lips and by a subtle cleft in his chin. His eyes are quite deep set and are a nice smokey grey under dark blonde eyebrows.

His skin is also fairly fair but it doesn't burn. The parts of him exposted to sunlight tan to a light beige. His hair is straight and a shade of light blonde with lighter streaks in it bleached by the sun. He also has some faded belt and whip scars on the backs of his thighs, buttucks and back. He also as a Thread score on his leg which reaches from just above his right knee curving down the side of his calf to his ankle and he still limps from it. He has to do daily exercise and rub special oil into the scars so that his leg doesn't stiffen and go bad. He tends to keep the scars hidden as he doesn't want pity and he hates the sight of it.

Emotional Description of Persona:
R'cha started life and went through a bit of it as a fairly quiet, serious sort of person. Cautious and wary he can seem cold and arrogant but most of it fades when he gets to know people and opens up. He is very uncomfortable with large numbers of people, especially if he doesn't know them. He hates bullies and reacts protectively, even violently if he spots somebody being picked on or beaten up.

These traits can still show up but the influence of his uncle has added in a layer of confidence and self-assurance. When he's comfortable around people he's more good-natured, warms up.

R'cha also tends to be very proud and independant, fairly stubbourn he likes to do things his way, in his time. He also has quite a legendary temper when he's provoked and pushed hard enough, it's not a pretty sight.

Sableth has helped R'cha to be a bit more open and come across as less icy, as well as lightening him up a little. R'cha's even managing to develop a certain dry sense of humour. He's also a fairly hands on person, so he likes to get his hands dirty and help out in hands on, practical ways.

When he's in a good mood he'll happily whittle away at a piece of wood humming softly to himself. His accident has also helped to mellow him out a bit.

He also tends to prefer female bed partners as men tend to make him wary and suspicious.

History of Persona:
Richa was born the third eldest out of six to Rychard, a Seacrafter and his wife Cyris. His father was a hard, tough man who believed in discipline and drink. He was frequently gone for months at a time off working as a deck hand on some trading ship leaving Cyris behind to raise their children. Rychard would always return home roaring drunk and broke, having spent all his marks on gambling and cheap ale or wine. He'd then take his anger and frustration out on his wife and children.

In many ways it was a hard life as Richa and his family were always poor, often went hungry and had to endure the verbal and physical abuse from their father. In many ways Richa always longed for those months when his father was away on one of the ships, it allowed Richa, his siblings and his mother some semblance of peace. His mother would take in a little mending and washing for their neighbours to earn a few marks. Richa and his two older brothers were also sent out to work at a young age.

While most of Richa's childhood was hard and miserable, some light came in Richa's life when he was 11. The ship his father was working on was washed up on rocks during a nasty storm and all aboard went down with the ship. Free of her nasty brute of a husband Cyris took her children and went to live with her brother Varret, a Journeyman Woodcrafter and his family at Amber Hills Hold.

Cyris's choice turned out to be a good one for the family flourished in their new home. Richa took an instant liking to his good-natured hearty uncle and seemed to open up from the quiet, serious and wary child that flinched at everything. Richa also learned that he liked the hands on aspect of his uncles craft. During this time Richa also got close to Merris is slightly older cousin. THe pair quickly became close friends and did everything together.

At 12 turn of age he decided with his uncle's prodding to apprentice to the woodcrafter's craft and was accepted. ALthough it was rocky going at first, for alot of the tasks and skills he was being taught in his classes were new. Richa almost quit several times thinking it wasn't for him. But after a turn or 2 of sticking with it he began to enjoy himself. He found that in particular he liked the carving side of things and thought to go in this direction.

For his 17th birthing day his uncle gave him a flit egg as a gift. Not long after a Searchrider came to their hold from Dragonsfall Weyr and he, Merris and one of his younger sister's Cyar were chosen.

To Richa's surpise not only did he Impress his Sableth, but Merris Impressed a brown in the same Hatching becoming R'cha and M'ris respectively. While Richa was a little sad that his younger sister missed out his training as a Weyrling and his new priority Sableth took over his life. M'ris and R'cha still stayed closed during their training and graduated together into a Fighting Wing.

A turn later R'cha was pleased to note that Cyar impressed a green after her third try.

The first real tragedy of R'cha's life happened just over a turn ago. During a Threadfall it came to the point of change over for the first wave of blues and greens, of which R'cha and Sableth were part of. A clump of Thread fell that neither notcied till too late because both were distracted for a second or two. The clumb hit down R'cha's right leg and Sableth's shoulder. The resulting injuries were deep and took months to heal. It took further months for the pair to regain their strength before they could re-join their fighting wing. Even then they were only allowed into the Queen's wing as they still needed to get back into shape and heal further.

Recently the blue pairing have been transferred back into a regular fighting wing as both have improved considerably but they still have to watch it. R'cha is happy to be back in a real fighting wing and that they are both doing so much better.

Family and Friends
Cyris, 70, Master Vintner (Mother)
Varret, 68, Journeyman Woodcrafter (Uncle)
Cyar, 29, Wingrider (Sister)
M'ris, 35, Wingrider (Cousin)

Dragon's Name: Sableth
Dragon's Age: 15
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Sableth is a medium sized blue, quite reasonably sized if built on the leaner side. He's nicely muscled and well proportioned. His colour is a pale milky blue with random swirls of a deeper blue. He also has quite a deep score on his right shoulder and chest from a Thread scoring.

Sableth in terms of personality is something of a chatterbox. He loves to talk and is incredibly opinionated on everything and anything. He wants to know everything and anything. He can be something of a gossip to both his rider and other dragons. He can drive poor R'cha mad.

He's also something of a showoff and is very flirty, even charming with the green dragons. He also loves water with a passion.

Under all his lighter aspects is a fierce protectiveness and loyalty to his rider. He tends to fuss over his rider a bit, something that has started since the accident. He carries the guilt that it was his fault.


Bide, Brown Firelizard: aged 15, hatched m4 d6
Bide is a medium sized brown flit and sturdy with it. He's a rich earth coloured brown, quite a handsome fellow really.

In terms of personality he's quite an easy-going, steady sort of flit. But he tends to be very clean and tidy.

Approved: October 18th 2006
Last updated: February 23rd 2020

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