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Persona Profile: M'calk


Name: M'calk
Age: 69
Birthday: m4 d10
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Graying hair and a lined face surround faded blue eyes that have seen their share of pain. He is six feet tall, though with his shoulders bowed it's sometimes difficult to tell. Running
across his left check and descending across the middle of his back are shallow thread scars. He prefers to wear darker colors and dislikes bright festive dress.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Morose about his retirement from the fighting wings and losing two children to Thread, he is somewhat withdrawn. M'calk has served as Weyrlingmaster in his past, and that gave him a new reason to smile. Even though he is just an assistant to the Weyrlingmaster today, he finds some hope in serving with the children still.

History of Persona:
Born and Impressed at Far Island Weyr. He caused
his share of trouble as a weyrling and spent most of his time on latrine duty. When he was 29 turns he met and weyrmated a healer called Gaeline. When he was 30, she bore him twins. A son, Morrak and a daughter, Glorilihn. Since his weyrmate wasn't a rider they where able to raise their children together. When the twins were 15 they both Impressed, Morrak (M'orak) a brown and Glorilihn a green. Both their parents were proud of them. The small family lived quite well. With no Thread to worry about M'calk assumed he would have them for a long time. Then Thread began to fall. The first Fall was horrible. Both he and Ruaeth where scored and when they had landed at Far Island to get treatment Ruaeth began to keen. It was for M'orak and his brown. Just as the shock began to sink in, Ruaeth keened again, this time for Glorilihn and her green.

Losing their children was hard on M'calk and his weyrmate, but even harder was the chest infection she developed that winter. While M'calk and Ruaeth where fighting another Fall Gaeline passed away in her sleep. He was devastated. Have nothing to keep him in Far Island any longer he took the transfer to Dolphin Cove, as Weyrlingmaster. Now he a Weyrstaff assistant. When he isn't helping the young ones he is practicing his long time craft of healing, although it is a sometimes painful reminder of his lost weyrmate.

Shortly before their transfer to Dolphin Cove, M'calk recived and impressed a small brown firelizard, nearly the same color as Rueath.

Dragon's Name: Rueath
Dragon's Age: 54
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Rueath's hide looks like well creamed klah was poured on top of the brown when he hatched. At least halfway down his body the bottom half appears to be a slightly darker shade of klah, so much so that his rider has always teased him about swiming in a lake filled with the drink. This confuses the poor brown to no end. He is a friendly brown who is more than willing to help a weyrling with anything, including a good prank or two to pull on a weyrling rider.


Sarcane, Brown Firelizard: aged 9, hatched m2 d8
The same color as his brown dragon, young Sarcane thinks that his human can't see him if he sits of Rueath's back. But then no one has ever acussed the young firelizard of being smart. Like all of his kind he loves to eat. He will take food from anyone and everyone.

Approved: December 10th 2005
Last updated: December 10th 2005

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