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Persona Profile: Jackeron


Name: Jackeron
Age: 42
Birthday: m6 d24
Rank: Senior Journeyman Technician
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Repair

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall and thin, Jack looks like he doesn't get enough food. He is one of the rare people with fast metabolism and can eat lots of food without gaining weight. Jack has medium brown hair which is long enough to keep in ponytail. His eyes are brown too, eyebrowns are bushy, nose beaked and ears stick out. His wife calls him unique-looking. His limbs are long and there is something adorable clumsy in him.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jack is great believer of logic and reason. He believes there's logical reason to everything. He has very logical and analytical mind. It doesn't prevent him being emotional too, and he is very dedicated to his work and family. His behaviour is usually aloof and reserved.

History of Persona:
Native to the Garnet Valley, Jackeron was born in a smithcraft hall. His father was a smith and mother a kitchen drudge. Jack apprenticed to the smithcraft at the age of twelve, but soon discovered his real interest was in technicians craft. He transferred to Northern Technician's hall. After he gained his journeyman's knots, he returned to Garnet Valley and got himself a contract as a hold's resident technician. Five turns ago he finally met a woman he fell in love with and married Jeminah who's ten turns younger than he.

Family and Friends
Jeminah, 31, Hold Resident (Wife)
Jackyrah, 12, Hold Brat (Son)
Jeronna, 10, Hold Brat (Daughter)

Approved: November 29th 2005
Last updated: November 29th 2005

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