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Persona Profile: Pacham


Name: Pacham
Age: 71
Birthday: m2 d16
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Diagnostics

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall and lanky even into his later years, what Pacham is most known for is his kind slate grey eyes, and the bushy mustache he refuses to shave
off. When people ask why he doesn't remove it he tells him his wife won't let him. In truth he keeps it because all he has to do is walk by
the bed of a sick child and wiggle his wild grey eyebrows and waggle his hairy lip and the child's face bursts out in a smile.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Pacham has always believed that laughter is the best medicine, both for the patients and the healers. Only when battling the mass casualties of
Thread Fall does he set the mirth aside. He is a leader that pulls the best out of his subordinates with the power of his natural charisma more
than angry words or censure. The healers who work under are drawn to his infectious enthusiasm, tireless work ethic, and his liberal use of
praise. They find themselves wanting to do their very best for him and do everything in their power to not let the "old man" down.

History of Persona:
He born in a very innocent time in a small hold. His childhood was happy full of the typical childhood adventures. He was loved by children and
adults alike for his cheerful smile and gentle ways with the young ones. No one was surprised when he decided he wanted to study Pediatrics at
the Healer Hall.

Pacham worked hard through his apprentice days in anticipation for the day he could become a journeyman and specialize in the field he loved.
But an event that would change the face of the South was a dramatic turning point in the young man's life. At the age of 17, just a turn
before he was ready to walk the tables, the Plague unleashed its devastation. No one was left untouched, and his young innocents was
shattered. He watched as the healers fought valiantly to keep their patients alive, many of whom eventually succumbed to the illness

The apprentice watched helplessly as children as well as adults were cut down. He wished there was something _more_ he could do than just hold
the hand of the dying. Pacham began assisting the diagnostic teams in his spare time, fetching, carrying, sterilizing, feeding... anything
they needed him to do. He developed a deep respect for them and their work, and it was then that he realized that the only that might be better than treating illnesses was preventing them all together. Once he had earned his journeyman knots he threw himself whole heartedly into
the head on fight against the plague. The Plague would eventually pass, but the lessons learned during those turns were never forgotten.

His next great turn in his life came at a Gather when, as he would put it, he met the most beautiful creature he had ever seen in his life - a
green dragon named Nafalath... and her rider was pretty darn good looking too. Meledine and Nafalath soon became regular visitors. It
surprised very few when Pacham requested a transfer to Vista Point Weyr so he could become Meledine's werymate. Life in the Weyr took a little
time to adjust too, especially when it came to mating flights, but their relationship remained strong and their family grew and thrived. As
Pacham supported Meledine in her life as a dragonrider, she supported him in his career.

Pacham's life has been full of quiet successes. When the Dolphin Cover Weyr Weyrhealer position opened, it was Meledine that encouraged him to
apply for it. She often had said that if he had stayed in the Hall, he would have been Hallmaster. He had given up his home for her once. She decided it was only fair that she return the favor.

Family and Friends
Meledine, 73, Greenrider (Weyrmate)
P'mel, 45, Brownrider (Son)
P'led, 41, Brownrider (Son)
Pagodine, 40, Healer (Daughter)
Lecham, 36, Technician (Son)
Chele, 34, Foster Mother (Daughter)

Approved: November 21st 2005
Last updated: July 4th 2019

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