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Persona Profile: So'nji


Name: So'nji
Age: 24
Birthday: m1 d11
Rank: Wingrider, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Tailor
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Standing at 5'8" So'nji is a lean figure. He is amber eyed, feminie looking guy with a light tan skin; he has long blond hair that he ties in a plate, that's rarely been cut. Lean muscled upper chest. His hands are very soft, un-callused due to his craft. Unlike the stereotypic guy, So'nji's feet are rather small, often causing problems when getting boots. As a child he was a smaller boy, often being teased for his lack of physic.

Emotional Description of Persona:
So'nji's has a very gentle mother-like nature around his close friends and family, through at times he tries to act like your everyday tough kind of guy in front of large gatherings of people. He is often seen as being a stubborn person and is known to slap when pushed to his extremes. He's kind of likable fool, and once he gets to know you he's like a lovable feline club. However when he's in one of his moods, he can be a bit childish and will not talk to you for at lest a day. The only one who can clam him when he's in one of these moods is his green Nikith.

History of Persona:
Born in Emerald Falls Hold So'nji had many dreams about his future, his mother had inspired him to take after the craft of his lost grandfather and become a Tailor. Shortly after this his mother passed away and he was lost without her.Growing up after that was often hard for the young boy as his father was a Senior Journeyman in the Harper Craft.

So'nji spent many hours fostered out within his own hold, and continuing his boyish ways, often getting into trouble with his Father for being late to lessons. Later in life he decided to pick a craft which would honour his deceased mother.

One day, after his 12 turn he was asked to fill and order for the riders of River Bluff Weyr and much to his surprise was asked to come to the Weyr as a candidate for a dragon hatching. However the young boy didn't impress this first time on the sands but stayed on in the Weyr where he continue taining in Tailor craft.

The Weyr folk of River Bluff Weyr became his new family as he stood on the sands for the continuing clutches over the following four turns.

Untill, that is when So'nji impress Green Nikith.

Untill, that is when So'nji impress Green Nikith.
Who So'nji is very happy to have as his life mate.

Family and Friends
Sanyara, 9, Hold resident (mother (deceased))
Tyrone, 49, Harper / Senior Journeyman (Father)

Dragon's Name: Nikith
Dragon's Age: 8
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
A beautiful green. Who like her rider So'nji has a very gentle mother-like nature and can be a bit childish. Like with So'nji, Nikith only can be clam down by her rider. Also she can be a bit over protective of So'nji sometimes.


Fyinoia, Feline: aged 13, born m7 d11
Average brown tabby with darker stripes and white paws. Fairly lazy but always there when needed.

Gledlia, Green Firelizard: aged 12, hatched m8 d18
Very inquisitive, and hard to train, she likes to cause mischief where ever she goes. The only person who can get her to even see sense is her owner or Nikith and even then she gets a bit cheeky and shows off. She is over protective of her master and has been known to bite. Her affection is for her master, Nikith and many of the other male Flits around.

Approved: January 2nd 2006
Last updated: March 9th 2008

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