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Persona Profile: Cohlman


Name: Cohlman
Age: 66
Birthday: m2 d7
Rank: Master of Apprentices
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Craft: Starsmith
Craft Rank: Master

Physical Description of Persona:
Cohlman is an imposing figure, towering at nearly
6'5" tall. He is a stocky man, but it is mostly muscle. He has dark brown eyes and hair to match, and his face would be delicate in feature if it weren't for his turns spent outdoors watching the skies.

Emotional Description of Persona:
This Master Smith is very vocal with his
opinions. He doesn't disapprove of female apprentices, but he'd rather have males. He enjoys a good round of dragonpoker and his betting and skill would put any Bitran(tm) to shame. Cohlman will listen to another opinion, but rarely wavers from his own. He strongly believes in what he does and does not take criticism lightly. He is a competent Smith and his turns of hard work have proven it.

History of Persona:
Cohlman was born in Topaz Sea Hold to a pair of Master Dolphineers. From the time he was small he tinkered with metals and often lay outside in the evenings staring at the night sky. His parents were strongly dismayed at his obvious disinterest in the dolphincraft, and allowed him to move to the Smith Hall when he was but 12 turns. He apprenticed immediately and all but forgot about his family, so immersed was he in the Smithcraft.

He married when he was 21, but his wife tragically died while delivering what would have been a son for Cohlman. Deeply affected by his loss, Cohlmon slacked in his studies for a turn, after which he decided it was time to move on. He remarried ten turns later to his current wife Alesada, and she bore him five children.

Turns later, he achieved his Mastery and began working on innovative machinery for Starsmithing. He was appointed Apprentice Master by Hallmaster Vebrindil because of his patience with children and thoroughly enjoys his position.

Family and Friends
Alesada, 57, Hall Resident (Wife)
Marxus, 32, Smith Hall (son)
Dieane, 29, Harper Hall (daughter)
Alemon, 28, Smith Hall (son)
Jorvalle, 23, Smith Hall (daughter)
Marimada, 20, Smith Hall (daughter)

Approved: August 20th 2005
Last updated: November 16th 2009

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