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Persona Profile: Cherlyn


Name: Cherlyn
Age: 25
Birthday: m7 d3
Rank: Wingrider, Volcano Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Cherlyn is a bit on the short side, she barely reaches five foot two. Looking at her she doesn't seem to be the kind of girl who would impress a dragon. Not only is she short, she has a very fine bone structure. As her mother used to say Cherlyn is a delicate girl. Her pale green eyes has a faint almond shape and even when shocked the never become truly round. Her nose can be called a "cute button" nose and her lips are average. Not too full, not a penciled line. Cherlyn's skin had a light tan when she came to the weyr on search but hasn't gotten any darker. Instead, if she spends to much time in the sun she burns and peels like a tunnel snake.

Emotional Description of Persona:
The youngest child, only daughter and as her father pointed out as often as possible, cause of her mothers death, Cherlyn is often quiet and sometimes withdrawn. Unless her green interferes with stories that she has heard from other dragons. After impressing her green she has been known to smile and even laugh. Serious about her studies she doesn't give the Weyrling Master too much trouble. Cherlyn knows she was given a rare gift the day green Lueanth chose her and loves the young dragon with all her heart.

History of Persona:
Three days after her birth Cherlyn's mother, Annyn died, leaving her husband Casazair to care for his infant daughter and three sons. Only his oldest son was old enough to be of "use" to his father so Nurevar stayed and Bofcral, Sheual and the Cherlyn where sent to their mother's parents, Maraaln and Arua at their cot hold just outside of Topaz Sea Hold. When she was seven she and her two brother returned to their fathers hold to find him remarried to a woman named Rua. With her stepmothers constant presence Cherlyn grew up being told that her family would find her a suitable husband and was taught how to cook, clean and care for children. They were after all the only things she needed to know. Rua also made it her mission to hurt her stepdaughter whenever she could. Constant reminders that Annyn had died after giving birth to Cherlyn made the young girl miserable. It seems that nothing would change, and it didn't for another six turns. In early spring a green dragon and her rider stopped by the hold to speak with Casazair about the last thread fall when the green, who had never before Searched a candidate told her rider that Cherlyn should come to the Weyr. Rua was overjoyed at the chance to get ride of her stepdaughter so she persuaded her husband to allow her to go. Cherlyn was thirteen. Once at the Weyr another three turns passed before green Lueanth found her on the sands.

Family and Friends
Annyn, 8, Topaz Sea Hold holder's wife (Mother - deceased)
Casazair, 9, Topaz Sea Hold holder (Father)
Rua, 8, Topaz Sea Hold holder's wife (Step-mother)
Nurevar, 9, Hold resident (Brother)
Bofcral, 8, Hold resident (Brother)
Sheual, 8, Hold resident (Brother)
Maraaln, 8, Hold resident (Grandfather)
Arua, 9, Hold resident (Grandmother)

Dragon's Name: Lueanth
Dragon's Age: 9
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Lueanth's hide is solid emerald green. She hatched tiny and is still the smallest green in her clutch. She has a sweet if overly curious nature that is slowly drawing her rider in to the open.

Approved: April 27th 2006
Last updated: November 26th 2008

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